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50 Poems20049781413737660Hammond, Dr. Barbara
All the Songs We Sing20209781949467338Green, Jaki Shelton;
Moore, Lenard Duane;
Smith, Crystal Simone
Alma1983Byer, Kathryn Stripling
Alphabet of Grace19949780060611798Sullivan, Charles
Always Broken Plates of Mountains, The20129781935536192McLarney, Rose
Americana Rural20129781936138500Dillingham, Nancy
Among the Believers20009781604542240Rash, Ron
An Endless Tapestry20079781596610750Duncan, Julia Nunnally
Animal Fair, The1960Stem, Jr., Thaddeus Garland
Another Kind of Rain19709780822932062Barrax, Sr., Gerald William
Anson County20059781933251110Bathanti, Joseph
Appalachian Studies20059781893239524Shelby, Anne Gabbard
At Dusk20109781453609941Duncan, Julia Nunnally
Attempts at Rhyming1839Hart, Alban J. X.
Bandana Creek19799780911692136Downer, Hilda
Beckoning20139781622292264Ledford, Brenda Kay
Big Rain, Little Umbrella20219780578831510Ciotti, Sonja
Black Bard of North Carolina, The19979780807846483Horton, George Moses
Black Shawl19989780807122518Byer, Kathryn Stripling
Bloodfire19789780807104514Chappell, Fred Davis
Cape Fear and Other Poems1958
Cape Fear Country, and Other Poems1958Owen, Jr., Guy
Carolina Ghost Woods20009780807125557Jordan, Judy
Carolina Shout!1985Stephenson, Shelby
Carolina Yacht Club Sketches1976Russell, Anne
Coal: A Poetry Anthology20069780976881711Green, Chris
Collected Poems of Sam Ragan, Poet Laureate of North Carolina19909780932662941Ragan, Samuel Talmadge
Collection of Verse on the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, A1950Davidson, Chalmers Gaston
Collection of Writings, A1972Hayman, Carol Bessent
Crepe Roses20149780692292211Ledford, Brenda Kay
Crossing Chowee Mountain20089781883197162Duncan, Barbara Reimensnyder
Dark Energy20159780143128069Morgan, Robert Ray
Days of Love and Murder19999781887240048Miller, Heather Ross
Disappearing, Inc.20199781642049244
Dreaming the Blues1984Albright, Alex
Dresses, Dreams, Beadwood Leaves20099781932158854Ebel, Julia Taylor
Dry Skin Messiah1985Silverthorne, Marty
Early Harvest1952Pearson, James Larkin
Earth and Soul2001Hogan, Judy
Earthsleep19809780807106983Chappell, Fred Davis
Easy Magic19919780932662934Baddour, Margaret Boothe
England and Roanoke19889780865262331Powell, William Stevens
Entries from Oxford19719780877160335Stem, Jr., Thaddeus Garland
Eureka Mill19989781891885266Rash, Ron
Everlasting Universe of Things, The19941883314003Halme, Kathleen
Everyday Still Life1999Adams, Lavonne Jayne
Family Matters20089780979337611Stephenson, Shelby
Few Rhymes and Rhythms, A1925Hinson, Estelle Elizabeth
Fiddledeedee20019780938572312Stephenson, Shelby
Fifty Acres, and Other Poems1933Pearson, James Larkin
Finch's Mash19909780932662989Stephenson, Shelby
Finish Line, The2000Chappell, Fred Davis
Gift From Greensboro, A20169780997221916Lansana, Quraysh Ali
Girl in the Yellow Raincoat, The19899780932662811Abbott, Anthony S.
Greatest Hits: 1978-200020029781589980495Stephenson, Shelby
Harp of the South by a Soph. of the University of North Carolina1846Clarke, William John
Hatteras and Other Poems1925Holden, Joseph William
Head of Medusa, The1827Potter, Robert
Heartwood1991Suk, Julie
Hickory Station20159781941209325Rice, Adrian
Home20109781596611382Dillingham, Nancy
I Have Walked1989Moose, Ruth Morris
Images and Echoes of Beaufort-by-the-Sea19939781880994061Hayman, Carol Bessent
In the Beginning19849780935326574Ragan, Samuel Talmadge;
Stem, Jr., Thaddeus Garland
In the Palms of Angels20119781935708278Erickson, Terri Kirby
Indian Gallows and Other Poems, The1846Rhodes, William Henry
Invisible Bride20049780807129654Tost, Tony
Its Day Being Gone20149780143126577McLarney, Rose
Jackknife Horse, The1954Stem, Jr., Thaddeus Garland
Jesus in the Trailer: Poems20199781599487564Clark, Andrew K.
Johnny's Cosmology1994York, John Thomas
Journey into Morning1981Ragan, Samuel Talmadge
Language They Speak Is Things to Eat, The19949780807844830McFee, Michael
Legend of Catawba, The1867Downing, Frances Murdaugh
Let Go or Hold Fast: Beaufort Poems20189781618460660Schmidt, M. Susan
Letting Go20129780985387501Burton, Donna Lisle
License My Roving Hands20009781887905268Tobin, Juanita Brown
Look up Asheville20109781935130017Hope-Gill, Laura
Lover's Guide to the Outer Banks, A1971Wood III, Ira David
Lute and Furrow1922Dargan, Olive Tilford
Lyric South, The1928Hibbard, Clarence Addison
Lyrics from Cotton Land1907McNeill, John Charles
Making the Bed19959781930907430Moose, Ruth Morris
Mama's Wreaths20119780982905432Ebel, Julia Taylor;
Moretz, M. Joann
Man Married Twice to Fire, The19779780877751175Chappell, Fred Davis
Midquest19819780807115800Chappell, Fred Davis
Mountain Men and Other Poems, The1950Loveland, Charles Welling
My Fingers and My Toes1977Pearson, James Larkin
Naming the Constellations20109780971204638York, John Thomas
Neighborhood Changes, A2018Duncan, Julia Nunnally
New and Collected Poems1905Clarke, Mary Bayard Devereux
New Ground19989781566641906Dillingham, Nancy
No Eden20119780932412980Kindred, Sally Rosen
North Carolina1989Metcalf, Paul C.
North Carolina Poems1912Brooks, Eugene Clyde
North Carolina Poems, The1994933598513Albright, Alex;
Ammons, Archie Randolf
North Carolina Poetry1941Walser, Richard Gaither
Oblation1990McCurdy, Harold Grier
Odd Botany20029781878851178Moeckel, Thorpe
Ode to the Chinaberry Tree and Other Poems19869780807112991Applewhite, James W.
One-Star Night, A20159780692497111Ciotti, Sonja
Only Thing I Fear is a Cow and a Drunken Man, The19919780932112293Kratt, Mary Norton
Our World20189781941209790Stephenson, Shelby
Outcasts in Beulah Land1918Helton, Roy Addison
Part of Me, A20179780692844571Duncan, Julia Nunnally
Past, The1998Stephenson, Shelby
Path Flower and Other Verses1914Dargan, Olive Tilford
Patriate20070975925652Cabanis-Brewin, Jeannette
Pearson's Poems1924Pearson, James Larkin
Penny Whistles and Wild Plums1962Stem, Jr., Thaddeus Garland
Permanent Camp20129781609496852Ellison, George
Persimmon Tree Carol, The19909780962386282Stephenson, Shelby
Picture Poems1949Stem, Jr., Thaddeus Garland
Pines of Rockingham and Other Poems, The1934Heinzerling, Sarah Anderson Chance
Plain Air19830813007747McFee, Michael
Plankhouse19930933598394Stephenson, Shelby
Plowed Ground1949Pearson, James Larkin
Pocket John Charles McNeill, The19909780932662828McNeill, John Charles
Poems1939Stockard, Henry Jerome
Poems from Snow Hill20079781883197230Martin, Brent
Poet and His Songs, A1900Clingman, Nixon Poindexter
Poetry Reading in a Room Hung with Bayard Wootten Photographs from Depression-Era North and South Carolina1998McFee, Michael
Poor People19989781879205734Stephenson, Shelby
Possum20041892471221Stephenson, Shelby
Possums and Persimmons1977McNeill, John Charles
Pot Liquor Promises19979781879009264Silverthorne, Marty
Quizzing the Dead20021589981170Meads, Kathy Ann
Raising the Dead20029781604542219Rash, Ron
Red Owl19729780393041361Morgan, Robert Ray
Red Plank House20189781949229233Ledford, Brenda Kay
Reflections in a River20119781935130383Dillingham, Nancy
Reveries in Rhyme1913Spence, Hersey Everett
Rhythm a Little Lumbee1961Barton, Lewis Randolph
River19750807100943Chappell, Fred Davis
Sacred Fire20089781599243221Ledford, Brenda Kay
Sad Girl Sitting on a Running Board19910917788494McFee, Michael
Sandy Ridge: Portrait of a Depression Family20109781599246538Turner, Kermit
Sarabelle1993Adkins, Janet
Sea Change, A1996Stryk, Dan
Select Poetry of North Carolina1894Moore, Hight C
Selected Poems1960Pearson, James Larkin
Selected Poems20059780822336396Applewhite, James W.
Shew Bird Mountain20061599241056Ledford, Brenda Kay
Shout in the Woods, A2010Martin, Brent
Simplicity20109781597124706Ledford, Brenda Kay
Sketches in Lyric Prose and Verse1920Price, Natalie Whitted
Smith Grove19979781885912152Moose, Ruth Morris
Snake Den Ridge, A Bestiary20089781596610972Griffin III, Eugene Wilson
Some Simple Songs and a Few More Ambitious Attempts1901McGirt, James Ephraim
Songs from the Hills1950Jones, Gilmer Andrew
Songs of Iredell1934Heinzerling, Sarah Anderson Chance
Songs: Merry and Sad1906McNeill, John Charles
Sonnets to Hamlet20041589982452Rigsbee, David
Souvenirs of North Carolina Mountains and Other Poems1900Dickson, Sallie O'Hear
Spotted Hawk, The1958Dargan, Olive Tilford
Spring Garden19959780807119495Chappell, Fred Davis
Spritsail1981Adkins, Janet
State House Anthology, A1917Coffin, Oscar Jackson
Statues of the Grass19759780820303727Applewhite, James W.
Story from the Cherokee, and Other Poems, A1941Hollingsworth, Jesse Gentry
Sunrise and Dusk1927Rhodes, Bonsall
Swing Your Mountain Gal1934Cushman, Rebecca Waddell
Thad Stem's Ark19799780877161073Stem, Jr., Thaddeus Garland
These Lovely Days1971Hayman, Carol Bessent
To the Water's Edge1971Ragan, Samuel Talmadge
Traveling Through Glass20009781892471055Copeland, Beth
Tree in the Far Pasture, The1964Ragan, Samuel Talmadge
Twelve Christmas Stories by North Carolina Writers19979781878086617Moose, Ruth Morris
Vanishing Acts19919780917788383McFee, Michael
Waking20119781891885822Rash, Ron
Weymouth: An Anthology of Poetry19879780932662682Ragan, Samuel Talmadge
What Binds Us20179781635342017
What Flies Away20069781599480343Campanella, Ann
When It Rains In Carolina2006McGuire, Kevin Burton
White Doe, The1901Cotten, Sallie Swepson Sims Southall
White Stallion and Other Poems, The19699780910244534Owen, Jr., Guy
Wildwood Flower19929780807117705Byer, Kathryn Stripling
Wind in the Pines1923Starbuck, Victor Stanley
Wind Mountain19789780807105665Chappell, Fred Davis
Wings on My Feet1929Odum, Howard Washington
Winston-Salem Poets, 19441944Browning, Ada Ophelia Redd
Winston-Salem Poets, 19451945Browning, Ada Ophelia Redd
Winston-Salem Poets, 19461946Browning, Ada Ophelia Redd
Winston-Salem Poets, 19471947Browning, Ada Ophelia Redd
Winston-Salem Poets, 19481948Browning, Ada Ophelia Redd
Winston-Salem Poets, 19491949Browning, Ada Ophelia Redd
Winston-Salem Poets, 19501950Browning, Ada Ophelia Redd
Winston-Salem Poets, 19511951Browning, Ada Ophelia Redd
Winston-Salem Poets, 19521952Browning, Ada Ophelia Redd
Wood Notes1854Clarke, Mary Bayard Devereux
Word and Witness19999780890896860Buckner, Sally Beaver