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101 Borden Street20039781591295389Walker, Susan Eileen
13 Terrifying Tales From the North Carolina Piedmont20079780978934200Rindoks, Leslie B.
27 Views of Chapel Hill: A Southern University Town in Prose & Poetry20119780982077191Wallace, Daniel
27 Views of Raleigh20139780983247555Barnhardt, Wilton
A.K.A. Genius20139780819808301Haynes, Marilee
Above the Waterfall20159780062349316Rash, Ron
Above-All20079781595130471Stern, Peggy Poe
Absolution20079780976096399Herin, Miriam
Academy Gothic20159780990353089Hill, James Tate
ACC Basketball Tournament Classic, The1981Barrier, Henry Smith
Accidental Birds of the Carolinas20119781935708308Hudson, Marjorie
Acorn Plan, The19880393025950McLaurin, Tim
Acres of Beauty1936Tuttle, Louise Jennings
Across the Cotton Patch1935Credle, Ellis
Activist's Daughter, The19971883523184Bache, Ellyn
Ada Decades, The20179781612940854Martinac, Paula
Adeline Desmond1863Cobb, Darius
Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog: As told to Bill Boggs, The20209781642933765
Adventures of Tittletom, The1949Credle, Ellis
Adventuring1923Tupper, Tristram
After Dark19809780425071038Wellman, Manly Wade
After Innocence1955Fellowes-Gordon, Ian Douglas
After Innocence1955
After Sherman's March2007Weil, Emily Newman
After the War20009780375406836Adams, Alice Boyd
After Winter Comes Spring1962Adams, Beulah
Afternoon Women, The1966Werternbaker, Lael Tucker
Against Human Nature1895Pool, Maria Louise
Agony Hill20099781438965369Saltsman, Roger
Ain't No Bears Out Tonight20109780984613786Sink, Alice E.
Ain't No River20019781576736289Foster, Sharon Ewell
Alamance18479781161420531Wiley, Calvin Henderson
Alas Lucinda!1932Baldwin, Seth
Alex Charles: Dreams in Time20119780615491288Reynolds, Kim
Alex Charles: The Evening Oak20109780982694510Reynolds, Kim
Alice in BlunderlandDabbs, Ethel Thomas
All Angels Cry19779780877160854Sheppard, Mary Stimson
All for the Love of Cassie19739780877160465Beaman, Joyce Proctor
All the Kingdoms of Earth1956Norris, Hoke Marion
All the Songs We Sing20209781949467338
All We Know of Heaven19999781889199016Bridgers, Sue Ellen
Alma's Prayer20129781457513626Heffner, Robert
Alone20079780977409617Judge, K. Allen
Alto Wore Tweed, The20049780972121125Schweizer, Mark
Alumnae Miscellany1942Hall, Alonzo Cleveland
Amanda19959780553592726Hooper, Kay
American Gold19799780380436798Seeman, Ernest
American Nights' Entertainments1860Greene, Talbot
American Subversive20109781439157053Goodwillie, David
Amethyst Dreams19979780449226186Whitney, Phyllis Ayame
Among the Dead20189781683317296Backlund, J.R.
Among the Pines1862Gilmore, James Roberts
An Ever-Fixed Mark20079781424141067Strunk, Jr., Orlo C.
An Honorable Man20119781595130457Stern, Peggy Poe
An Ice Cold Grave20079780425217290Harris, Charlaine
An Illustrated Guide to Ghosts and Mysterious Occurrences in the Old North State1959
An Inch of Snow1964Cobb, William Edward
An Independent Spirit20029781928556350Smith, Donna Campbell
An Independent Spirit (2nd ed.)20131928556353Smith, Donna Campbell
An Old Salem Christmas, 184020089781933251462Smith, Karen Cecil
An Unexpected Family20079781416524564Medlicott, Joan Avna
An Unexpected Guest20119781450735711Johnson, Bruce E.
An Unknown Patriot1899Child, Frank Samuel
Ancestors and Others20099780312561673Chappell, Fred Davis
Anchor, The20031889199052Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
And Deliver Us from Evil20059780974773520Alston, E. B.
Andrew's War20129781480015807Comer, Perry
Angel1926Heyward, DuBose Edwin
Angel Doll, The19969781878086549Bledsoe, Jerry
Angel Whispered Danger, The20039780312308131Ballard, Mignon Franklin
Angels Unaware20109781933157344Bruney, Sandra Z.
Angels Watching Over Me20039780764227004Phillips, Michael Ray
Animal's Ballgame, The19929780516051390Arneach, Lloyd
Aniratak20079780595469253Taylor, Joyce Marie
Anna19860842300201Graham, Margaret
Annie Laurie and Azalea1913Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Anniversaries1913Howell, Andrew Jackson, Jr.
Anna Papers, The19880316313165Gilchrist, Ellen
Another Son of Man20049781878086969McLaurin, Tim
Answers to Lucky19969780060173128Owen, Howard Wayne
Apostate Physician1937Frick, Harvey Lee
Appalachian Book of the Dead20199781970137897Neal, Dale
Appalachian Down19739780877160410West, John Foster
Appalachian Paradise20029780971304567Bishop, Maggie
Appalachia Sounding1975Linney, Romulus
Applewhites at Wit's End20129780060579388Tolan, Stephanie S.
Armadillo20039781881515548March, Stephen
Arms of God, The2005312347952Hinton, Lynne
Art of Keeping Secrets, The20089780451223951Henry, Patti Callahan
Art’s Blood20069780440242093Lane, Vicki
As By Fire1939Moore, Bertha Belle
As I Remember: A Boy in the ‘Twenties1967Griffin, Roy Lee
Ash Family, The20199781501144868Dektar, Molly
Ashley Jordan's Secret2006
Ashpet19949780823411061Compton, Joanne;
Compton, Kenn
Assault and Batter20139781493559862Myers, Tim
Astronomer and Other Stories, The1966Betts, Doris Waugh
At The Big House1904Culbertson, Anne Virginia
At First Sight20059780446532426Sparks, Nicholas
At the Gate of All Wonder20189781946482143McIlvoy, Kevin
At Home in Covington20049780743470414Medlicott, Joan Avna
At Home in Mitford19949780732413996Karon, Jan Meredith
At Top of Tobin1926Olmsted, Stanley
At Wick's End20039780425194607Myers, Tim
August Snow19919780822200758Price, Edward Reynolds
Aunt Ellie Turns Sleuth20079780595476329Clarke, Liz
Aunt Flora1953Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane
Autumn Bends the Rebel Tree20119780982539699Guy, Carolyn
Autumn on Breezy Hill1956Moore, Bertha Belle
Autumn Seclusion20079781412040440Ferrell, Andrea
Awakening, The1921Cartrette, Anna Gaskill
Awakening, The20030345462351Ball, Donna Rochelle
Azalea, The Story of a Girl in the Blue Ridge Mountains1912Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Azalea's Silver Web1915Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Azalea at Sunset Gap1914Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Babies, Bikes & Broads20089781932859621Chadwick, Cynn
Baby, Take a Bow20179781464207983Tesh, Jane
Back in Black20159781460943038Hartness, John G.
Backslide20109781426941498Kenney, Carl W.
Bad Egg, A20139781484873687Myers, Tim
Bad Housekeeping1995Edelson, Julie
Bad Moon on the Rise20099780981944241Munger, Katy
Bad Reputation, A20149781464202322Tesh, Jane
Bad to the Bone20009780380800643Munger, Katy
Baddest Girl on the Planet, The20219781949467161Frese, Heather
Baer's Christmas, The1939Moore, Bertha Belle
Baked Ham, A20139781482665505Myers, Tim
Ballad of Belle Dorcas, The19900394846451Hooks, William Harris
Ballad of Dixon Bell, The20030373711182Kent, Lynnette
Ballad of Frankie Silver, The19980525939695McCrumb, Sharyn
Ballad of Jessie Pearl, The20139781608981410Hitchcock, Shannon Williams
Ballad of Tom Dooley, The20119780312558178McCrumb, Sharyn
Balm of Gilead Tree and Other Stories, The19999780917788734Morgan, Robert Ray
Balsam Groves of the Grandfather Mountain, The1892Dugger, Shepherd Monroe
Bandeaux Creek20059780975591031Booth, Carolyn Rawls
Baptism, The20071416906711Moses, Sheila P.
Barbara's Vagaries18869781144057358Tidball, Mary Langdon Dana
Bare Bones20039780743453004Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Barefoot Beaches20039781410711885DeGroot, Jacqueline
Baritone Wore Chiffon, The20049780972121132Schweizer, Mark
Barking at a Fox-Fur Coat19919780874831405Davis, Donald
Baroque and Desperate19999780380802258Myers, Tamar
Bartered Bride, The19960373289197Reavis, Cheryl
Basil, the Page1908Whitham, Grace I.
Bass Wore Scales, The20079780972121187Schweizer, Mark
Battle for North Carolina, The20081439200610Hester, Robert W.
Be Ye Beggar or King1925Mills, Mary Hampton
Beach Trip20099780345505996Holton, Cathy
Beachcomber20039780743453486Robards, Karen
Beanie1953Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Beasts of the Southern Wild and Other Stories19739780684838052Betts, Doris Waugh
Becalmed20139781938499616Fischer, Normandie
Beckett's Cinderella20029780373764532Browning, Dixie Burrus
Beckett's Convenient Bride20039780373764846Browning, Dixie Burrus
Becoming Rosemary19979780385322485Wood, Frances M.
Bedeviled19959780451404565Browning, Dixie Burrus
Before John was a Jazz Giant20089780805079944Weatherford, Carole Boston
Before the Last Lap20059780803497283Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Before the Storm20089780778325413Chamberlain, Diane
Before Sunrise20059781455871117Kyle, Susan Spaeth
Beggars All1933Burt, Katharine Newlin
Begin Again, Quinn20089780970719751Dodd, Karen E.
Begin to Exit Here19929780945575511Welter, John
Behind the Veil20069781593090630Perkins, Suzetta
Beholden19989780451407498Browning, Dixie Burrus
Bellamy Case, The1925Hay, Jr., James
Belles20129780316091121Calonita, Jen
Belonging19879780373094141Browning, Dixie Burrus
Bend in the Road, A20019780446527781Sparks, Nicholas
Bender Legacy, The20119780615474588Waters, Jimmy Cherokee
Bending Heaven's Will20189781947773271Kemp, Terry L.
Benedictions2001Cook, Judy Simpson
Benjie's Hat1938Hunt, Mabel Leigh
Bennett's Welcome1950Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Bennie Ben Cree1900Colton, Arthur Willis
Bertha the Beauty1872Whittlesey, Sarah Johnson Cogswell
Bertie1851Throop, George Higby
Bertie Revisited2000Thompson, Harry Lewis
Besieged20179780786039517Tata, Anthony J.
Best of All, The1976Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Best of Me, The20119780446547659Sparks, Nicholas
Best Stories of Wilbur Daniel Steele, The1946Steele, Wilbur Daniel
Best Wishes, Joe Brady19849780803700673Osborne, Mary Pope
Betrayal at Cross Creek20049781584858782Ernst, Kathleen
Betrayed20099781594147937Clipston, Amy
Betsy Dowdy's Ride1960Wechter, Carolyn Wise
Better Days1990Price, Edward Reynolds
Better off Dead20019780380800650Munger, Katy
Betty Sweet Tells All20029780060184858Stacy, Judith Minthorn
Between the Rivers20019781928556299Booth, Carolyn Rawls
Between Tides20219781950539321Khoury, Angel Ellis
Between Wrecks20149781938103797Singleton, George
Beulah Land1949Davis, Harold Lenoir
Beyond Borders20069781424310203Glander, Don
Beyond the Cherokee Trail20159781426795466Carter, Lisa
Beyond the Crossroad20109780976936534Collier, Eugenia Williams
Beyond Desire19999780786006076Johnson-Acsadi, Gwynne
Beyond Desire1932Anderson, Sherwood
Bible Salesman, The20089780316117517Edgerton, Clyde Carlyle
Bid For Midnight20139781490929927Myers, Tim
Big Beautiful, The2007385338384Duncan, Pamela Y.
Big Cypress Buck1957Johnson, James Ralph
Big Doin's on Razorback Ridge1956Credle, Ellis
Big End of the Horn1956Canaday, Julia
Big Foot, the Guide; or, The Surveyors1866Clark, Charles Dunning
Big Fresh, The20071931982899Morgan, Scott
Big Laurel1922Bartlett, Frederick Orin
Big-Enough Boat1956Phillips, Dorothy Evans
Birthright1957Rogers, Lettie Hamlett
Bite of the Apple, A20109781452042961Vaughn, Edward
Bitter in the Mouth20119780812981322Truong, Monique T. D.
Bittern Point1926Macfadyen, Virginia
Bivouac, The1861Greene, Talbot
Black & White20089781596061712Shiner, Lewis
Black Dutch19919780802711458Taylor, Bonnie;
Taylor, Matt
Black Homer of Jimtown, The1900Mott, Edward Harold
Black Hood, The1924Dixon, Jr., Thomas W.
Black Magic Woman20119781844165414Hartness, John G.
Black Sheep20139781250015341Lyons, Cathryn J.
Black Top1956Moore, Bertha Belle
Blackbeard1847Barker, Benjamin
Blackbeard, A Comedy, in Four Acts1824Sawyer, Lemuel
Blackbeard, Raider of the Carolina Seas1964Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Blackbeard's Cup and Stories of the Outer Banks19899780895870704Whedbee, Charles Harry
Blackbeard's Treasure1927Oertel, Theodore Eugene
Blackbeard's Treasure20089780936389998Thomas, Kathleen
Blackberry Winter20059780373230525Reavis, Cheryl
Blackman's Coffin20089781590586228de Castrique, Mark
Blackstone's Bride20039780373292677Browning, Dixie Burrus
Blanche on the Lam19929780312069087Neely, Barbara
Blanche Passes Go20009780670891658Neely, Barbara
Blind Faith9781595130402Stern, Peggy Poe
Block Castle20049781413704204Weber, Robert C.
Blockade Runner, The18969781246713695Tracy, J. Perkins
Blood Clay20119781935708223Nieman, Valerie Gail
Blood Kin9781595130419Stern, Peggy Poe
Blood Moon Rising20079781595130495Stern, Peggy Poe
Blood Noir20089780425222195Hamilton, Laurell K.
Blood Oath20089780615243948Waters, Jimmy Cherokee
Blood of Saints, The20099780971287518Spence, Keith
Blood Rains20099781608604555Harvey, Wyatt
Blood Sins20099780553589269Hooper, Kay
Bloodlines of Shackleford Banks20049780895872920Mountford, Elizabeth Josephine
Bloodroot20119781463638207Kaiser, William F.
Bloody Kin19859780446404167Maron, Margaret B.
Bloody November20069781424147380Dattero, Guilio
Blue20069781590783894Hostetter, Joyce Moyer
Blue and Gray Christmas, A20099781416597353Medlicott, Joan Avna
Blue Autumn Cruise20129780310726173Kline, Lisa Williams
Blue Bottle Club, The19990849915732Stokes, Penelope J.
Blue Calhoun20009780684867823Price, Edward Reynolds
Blue Goose is Dead, The20089780373266524Goodman, Helen
Blue Heron Marsh20079780595458226Quinn, Douglas
Blue Hour, The19980965449912Tetel, Julie
Blue Ridge Billy1946Lenski, Lois Lenore
Blue Ridge Breezes1918Rowland, Joseph Medley
Blue Ridge Brides20099781602604131Bliss, Lauralee
Blue Ridge Shadows20029780916078553Duncan, Julia Nunnally
Blue Star, The2008316199079Earley, Tony L.
Blue Valleys, The19899780743204224Morgan, Robert Ray
Blues from Down Deep20049780758200105Johnson-Acsadi, Gwynne
Bobby Becomes Bob20099781606191811Boan, Bob
Bobby Rex’s Greatest Hit19879780689117695Gingher, Marianne
Body at StarShine Mill, The20169781532320484Miles, Celia H.
Body at Wrapp’s Mill, The20149780983471721Miles, Celia H.
Bondwoman's Narrative, The20020446530085Crafts, Hannah;
Gates, Jr., Henry Louis
Bone of My Bones19829780399126284Wilkinson, Sylvia Jean
Boneman19959780312853075Cantrell, Lisa W.
Bones Never Lie20149780345544018Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Bones of the Lost20139781439102459Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Bones to Ashes20079781416525653Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Bonnie Blue Sweetheart1959Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Boo: N.C. Ghost Guide2004King, Henry
Book Charmer, The20199781982105549Hawkins, Karen A.
Book Lovers20229780593440872Henry, Emily
Book of Obeah, The20101846942993Carrington-Smith, Sandra
Booked For Murder20049780425198087Myers, Tim
Bootlegger’s Daughter19929780446403238Maron, Margaret B.
Bound by Honor19849780671497811Tucker, Helen Beckwith
Bound South20099781416558675White, Susan Rebecca
Boy Scouts in the Blue Ridge, The1913Rathbone, St. George Henry
Boy Spies with the Regulators, The1901Kaler, James Otis
Bragg20069781418489403Singley, William P.
Brave Internal1952Yates, Elizabeth
Breach of Faith, A19969780965590709McMahan, Michael
Bread for the Hungry1940Moore, Bertha Belle
Break No Bones20069780743453035Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Breaking Cover20089780312371555Rhoades, J.D.
Breaking Free20159781508426219Kozlowicz, Shannon M.
Breath of Snow and Ashes, A20059780440225805Gabaldon, Diana Jean
Breathing20099780670011230Herbsman, Cheryl Renèe
Brevia Beginning, A20149780373658220Major, Michelle
Bricks Without Straw18809783655058879Tourgée, Albion Winegar
Bride Fair, The20020373292031Reavis, Cheryl
Bride of a Thousand Cedars1939Lancaster, Bruce
Bride's Return, or, How Grand Avenue Church Came to Christ, The1911Harris, Caroline Aiken Jenkins
Bride's Return; or How Grand Avenue Chruch Came to Christ, The1911
Bridge, The20019780060505219Marlette, Doug Nigel
Bridge Tender, The20149780310338406Whalen, Marybeth
Bridge to Home, The20169780692756997Jordan, Angela Fordice
Bridgehead19869780812536164Drake, David
Bright Freedom's Song19989780152018122Houston, Gloria
Bright Leaf1948Fitz-Simons, Foster
Brighten the Corner Where You Are19899780312032975Chappell, Fred Davis
Broken Acres19719780910244602Beaman, Joyce Proctor
Broken as Things Are20049780805075953Witt, Martha
Broken Bondage, A1911Brown, Nancy Keen
Broken Road20099781550961218Hardy, Melissa
Broken Sword, The19019781407772646Worthington, Dennis
Brother, Brother20139781596437432Carmichael, Clay
Brouhaha20059781933251004Farlow, Jonathan
Buck Gentry20059781570902390Boyer, Richard Lewis
Buckskin Brigade1947Kjelgaard, James Arthur
Bug Funeral, The2004312322186Shaber, Sarah Rock
Bugles at the Border1968Gillett, Mary Linda Bledsoe
Buried in a Book20129780425246191May, Sylvia;
Stanley, Jennifer
Burned Out Baker, A20149781495460364Myers, Tim
Burnside and Sideburns20009781878405289Tate, Suzanne
Burnt Mountain20119780446527897Siddons, Anne Rivers
Butterfly Girl20109781570902574Whitworth, Bill
Buttermilk Hill20049780374351120White, Ruth
Buzzard Table, The20129780446555821Maron, Margaret B.
By Love Acquitted20079781597895095Lehman, Yvonne
By Love Renewed19879780842303484Headapohl, Betty R.
By Reason of Strength1930Johnson, Gerald White
Bye-Bye Breeches1936Ricks, Pierson
Byrd20149781938604522Church, Kim
Cabin in the Pines1935Pahlow, Gertrude
Cakewalk19819780345339508Smith, Lee
Cale1970Wilkinson, Sylvia Jean
Caleb, My Son1956Daniels, Lucy Cathcart
Caleb's Luck1942Benet, Laura
Call and Response19899780671639921Pearson, Thomas Reid
Call the Devil by His Oldest Name20049780553584943Bissell, Sallie
Call Down the Storm1958Blythe, William LeGette
Call Home the Heart1932Dargan, Olive Tilford
Call It Freedom1937Sims, Marian
Called, The20109781930846630Rochelle, Warren G.
Called: the Story of a Mountain Midwife20109781930154247Stump, Phyllis
Callie and the Dealer and a Dog Named Jake20019781892343154Mills, Wendy Howell
Camden: A Tale of the South1830McClung, John Alexander
Camp Follower20089780978526542
Camp Follower20089780978526542Adair, Suzanne;
Williams, Suzanne
Cane Mutiny, The20060060535199Myers, Tamar
Cape Fear Murders20039781928556411Canada, Wanda
Cape Fear Rising19949780895871084Gerard, Philip
Cape Hatteras20089780595492183Lloyd, Keith Warren
Captain Saturday20029780316415026Inman, Robert Frederick
Captain's Bride, The1864Herrington, William D.
Captive Heart, The20000373291124Reavis, Cheryl
Captured in the Caribbean20159780986325212Whitford, Sara
Cardinal19869780936481005Krawiec, Richard
Carley's Song20019780310229933Sprinkle, Patricia Houck
Carolina1949Gifford, James Noble
Carolina Belle20169780996257152Senehi, Rose
Carolina Comfort20009781884778858Dodd, Karen E.
Carolina Comfort II20069780970719720Dodd, Karen E.
Carolina Corsair1955Tracy, Donald Fiske
Carolina Girl20139780425251225Kantra, Virginia
Carolina Harmony20099780385735902McDowell, Marilyn Taylor
Carolina Home20129780425250938Kantra, Virginia
Carolinians, The1959Barry, Jane Powell
Carolinians : An Old-Fashioned Love Story of Stirring Times in the Early Colony of Carolina, The1904Sloan, Annie L.
Carolina Isle20069781416509721Montassir, Jude Gilliam
Carolina Mist19969780671527877Stewart, Mariah
Carolina Moon19969781565121362McCorkle, Jill Collins
Carolina Mountain Breezes1929Ebbs, Eloise Buckner
Carolina Mountains, The1913Morley, Margaret W.
Carolina Reckoning20139781426757976Carter, Lisa
Case of Imagination, A20069781590582190Tesh, Jane
Casualties20009780930769147Rash, Ron
Cat Dancers, The2005312333773Deutermann, Peter Thomas
Cat Rising20029781560234074Chadwick, Cynn
Cataloochee20079781400063437Caldwell, Wayne
Catbird20069781579621261March, Stephen
Catching Fire20189780692178058Senehi, Rose
Cate of the Lost Colony20109781599905075Klein, Lisa M.
Caterpillar Summer20199781526606266McDunn, Gillian
Causing Chaos20150989780058Ledford, Deborah J.
Cautious Heart20089781585713011Hodges, Cheris F.
Caxton's Book: A Collection of Essays, Poems, Tales and Sketches1876Rhodes, William Henry
Cecilia's Harvest20099780978526566Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
Celeste's Harlem Renaissance20079780316523943Tate, Eleanora E.
Celia20069781425924683O'Donoghue, Patti
Celia Whitfield's Boy20129781938101106Thompson, Bill
Cemetery Kids2013978467578646DeGroot, Jacqueline
Champeen19999780870744464Miller, Heather Ross
Chang and Eng20009780525945123Strauss, Darin
Change Baby20049781573222860Spence, June
Chapel Hill19929780446357715Morgan, Diana
Chapel Hill Carousel1967Rehder, Jessie Clifford
Charlie Harville's Sports in North Carolina19779780915442416Harville, Charles Edward
Charms for the Easy Life19939780399137914Gibbons, Kaye
Chasing Chaos20169781947834132Pryal, Katie Rose Guest
Chasing Demons20039780595291236French, Christy Tillery
Cheetah Diaries, The20129781468167702Hardy, Ralph K.
Chemistry and Other Stories20079780312425081Rash, Ron
Cheri on Top20119780312536213Donovan, Susan
Cherokee1957Tracy, Donald Fiske
Cherokee Boy1957Key, Alexander Hill
Cherokee Star, The20071425974856Wetherby, Carolyn Leah
Chestnut Mare, Beware19969780449909980Jaffe, Jody
Chicken Boy20059781416934820Dowell, Frances O'Roark
Child of the South20099780425226025Scott, Joanna Catherine
Child's Play20119780982994665Wallis, Deborah
Chilhowee Boys1893Morrison, Sarah Elizabeth
Chili Death, A20129781479348244Myers, Tim
Chill Factor20059780743245548Brown, Sandra
Choice, The2007446579920Sparks, Nicholas
Chosen Few, A20089781597150521Booth, Carolyn Rawls
Christmas Cake20099780061711503Hinton, Lynne
Christmas In My Bones1991Burton, William Clarence
Christmas Maus2008Hutton, John
Christmas Mourning20109780446555807Maron, Margaret B.
Christmas Tree that Flew to Fayetteville Street, The1971Rust, Rebecca Ball
Christmas Wedding20079780975540466Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Christy1967Marshall, Sarah Catherine Wood
Cicada Year, The20169781537126418Kay, Kiesa
Circle of Fire19829780689502415Hooks, William Harris
Circle of Grace20049780385510134Stokes, Penelope J.
Circle of Secrets20049780972503150Land, Dixie
Circle's End, The1932Bain, Grady Lee
Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan, The1905Dixon, Jr., Thomas W.
Climax20019780759627543DeGroot, Jacqueline
Close-Up20059780425206799Kantra, Virginia
Clothes for a Summer Hotel19809780811208710Williams, Thomas Lanier
Cloud over Catawba1949Davidson, Chalmers Gaston
Coastal Summons20139781612186900Thomas, Katrina
Cobalt Blue20139781780998084Payne, Peggy
Cock's Spur, The20029780895872302Price, Charles Fred
Coffee Rings20049781593103392Lehman, Yvonne
Cold Blue Moon1931Odum, Howard Washington
Cold Feet20139781432826376Pullen, Karen
Cold Mountain19979780802142849Frazier, Charles Robinson
Collected Stories, The19930689121474Price, Edward Reynolds
Collection of Hearts, A1956Hight, Jr., William Blannie
Colonel's Dream, The1905Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
Colonial Apparition, A1898Sprunt, James
Color of My Heart, The20129781620201145Byrd, Sarah Martin
Color of Your Skin Ain’t the Color of Your Heart, The2004764227025Phillips, Michael Ray
Come Rain or Come Shine20169781594138591Karon, Jan Meredith
Come Snow fer Christmas1947Bell, Corydon Whitten
Come Walk With Me20079781416524571Medlicott, Joan Avna
Comfort20099781590786062Hostetter, Joyce Moyer
Comfort and Joy19999781565122505Grimsley, Jim
Coming Up For Air20129780373796861Foley, Karen
Common Life, A20029780142000342Karon, Jan Meredith
Common Problem, The1929Porter, Sara Lindsay Coleman
Conatus19999781563151408Baroff, David
Congregation of the Dead, The19960941711323Childers, Jr., Max Lamar
Convictions: A Novel of the Sixties19859780688043438Cannon, Taffy
Cooleemee: A Tale of Southern Life1880Johns, Annie Eliza
Coquette1928Bridgers, Ann Preston
Cormorant's Brood1959Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Cornwallis Campaign20109780615337159Weil, Emily Newman
Corona of the Nantalhalas1895Pendleton, Louis Beauregard
Corpse for Yew, A20099780425228104Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Cotton Mill Girl20069781598867183Scearce, Flora Ann
Cotton Top1953O'Neill, Jean
Countertenor Wore Garlic, The20119780984484621Schweizer, Mark
Country Songs1986Cook, Judy Simpson
Courage1938Pridgen, Tim
Cove, The20129780061804199Rash, Ron
Coventry20109781463785093Myers, Tim
Coventry20069780976096375Bathanti, Joseph
Covington Christmas, A20069781416524861Medlicott, Joan Avna
Cow Across America20099780981519234Neal, Dale
Cracker the Crab and the Sideways Afternoon20039780972556002Cogdill, Michael
Crackerjack Pony, The1969Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
Cradle Lake20139781605425108Malfi, Ronald Damien
Creative Writing Murders, The20070945083203Miller, Heather Ross
Crescendo20139780989780001Ledford, Deborah J.
Crimson Frost20129780758281463Estep, Jennifer
Crimson Hall20079781593746797Shoup, Jane
Croatan1923Johnston, Mary
Cross Bones20059780743453028Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Crossing, The1904Churchill, Winston
Crossing the Line19789780394839387Hooks, William Harris
Crossing Oceans20109781414333052Holmes, Gina
Crossroads Café, The2006976876051Smith, Deborah
Crow20129780375869280Wright, Barbara
Cruise of the Snap Dragon19769780910244886Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Cry of a Bastard, The1960Woltz, Claude Bernard
Cudgel, The1950Polsky, Thomas
Cul-lud Schoo-ool Teach-ur, The20069781450233040Bowen, Sandra E.
Cult, The20081934992011James, Maddie
Cumberland Rifles, The1952Gerson, Noel Bertram
Cured by Fire19959780399140037McLaurin, Tim
Curious Experience with the Tombstone of a Pirate, A1857Dillard, Richard
Currituck20089781596294974Morris, Travis
Curse, The20070979572169James, Maddie
Curse Breakers, The20149781480597969Swank, Denise Grover
Curse of the Raven Mocker, The20030374316678Youmans, Marly
Cuttings19999780440225539Grant, Anne Underwood
Dagon1968Chappell, Fred Davis
Daisy Canfield19739780671784096Haas, Benjamin Leopold
Dally1891Pool, Maria Louise
Damned If We Do20119780967190853Carver, Bill
Dan and Jack Find a Pal1955Moore, Bertha Belle
Dance Band from Deacontown, The20089780979310416Pope, Norwood W.
Dance of Life20039780803496026Mayr, Ilsa
Dance on Widows' Row, The2000Williams, Samuel Arthur
Dancing in the Lowcountry20089780758228475Villas, James
Dancing on Rocks20149780615895055Senehi, Rose
Danger in a Small Town20089780373442898Aiken, Ginny
Dangerous Reunion20119780373444519Robbins, Sandra
Dangerous Undertaking20039781590580554de Castrique, Mark
Dare1965Farmer, Philip José
Dark Frost20129780758266965Estep, Jennifer
Dark Heritage1955Foster, John
Dark of the Island, The20169780895876607Gerard, Philip
Dark Stranger, The1940Dodge, Constance Woodbury
Darker Grows the Valley1947Kroll, Harry Harrison
Darker Justice, A20029780553582710Bissell, Sallie
Darlingtons, The1900Peake, Elmore Elliott
Dateline Greensboro: The Piedmont and Beyond20029780738514772Catlett, J. Stephen
Daughter of the Blood, The1930Hawes, Herbert Bouldin
Daughter of the Highlanders, A1910Melton, Frances Jones
Daughter of Virginia Dare, The1908Wall, Mary Virginia
Daughters of the Sea20059781889199139Bache, Ellyn
David McGregor's Diary20069780974773544Fletcher, Ian
Day the Cat Ran Away, The20139780985531331Gates, Nancy Gotter
Day of Small Things, The20109780385342636Lane, Vicki
Day the Parrot Died, The20129780985531300Gates, Nancy Gotter
Day to Pick Your Own Cotton, A20039780764227011Phillips, Michael Ray
Days of Daniel Boone1883Norton, Frank Henry
Days of Hairawn Muhly, The20139781482369533Ross, Carol Ann
Dead Beat at the Palace20109780970719782Dodd, Karen E.
Dead Ends20129780727881748Balzo, Sandra
Dead Man's Clothes20129781479371709Comer, Perry
Dead Men Don't Lye20069781597222594Myers, Tim
Dead Reckoning1948Walz, Audrey Boyers
Dead Right20069780976810889Shaffer, David L.
Dead Ringer19949780821744697Kelner, Toni L. P.
Dead Season, The20129780977329649Ball, Donna Rochelle
Deadliest of Sins: A Novel of Suspense20149780738736228Bissell, Sallie
Deadly Beauty20109780984613731Land, Dixie
Deadly Beef, A20129781480235021Myers, Tim
Deadly Cliche, A20119780425240236Stanley, Jennifer
Deadly Company20099780982300510Land, Dixie
Deadly Dealer, A20079781597226714
Deadly Decisions20009780671028367Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Deadly Donuts20139781490480305Myers, Tim
Deal of a Lifetime, The20050974773530Alston, E. B.
Dear Carolina20159781628998344Woodson Harvey, Kristy
Dear Doctor Dick1955Hunter, J. Allen
Dear Editor1944Wright, Watkins Eppes
Dear John20069780446618304Sparks, Nicholas
Death at a Drop-In20139780989518017Craig, Elizabeth Spann
Death at Play20089780981576343Gates, Nancy Gotter
Death du Jour19999780671011376Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Death in Reel Time20149781451661873Witchger, Brenda
Death in a Sunny Place1971Lockridge, Frances Louise Davis;
Lockridge, Richard Orson
Death is Academic19769780679506386MacKay-Smith, Amanda Joan
Death of a Damn Yankee19999781575666860Kelner, Toni L. P.
Death of a Mermaid20029781928556381Mills, Wendy Howell
Death of a Rug Lord20089780060846596Myers, Tamar
Death on Disaster Day20089780979686696Gates, Nancy Gotter
Death on the Eno19819780316559935MacKay-Smith, Amanda Joan
Death on the Mountain1931Ogburn, Dorothy
Death on a Southern Breeze20089781933523347de Castrique, Mark
Death Waxed Over20059781597222440Myers, Tim
Death's Half Acre20089780446618083Maron, Margaret B.
Debatable Land, The1901Colton, Arthur Willis
Debunked2004Woo, Alexander
Decoy: A Novella20159781631490255Gurganus, Allan
Deep Fried Homicide20149781496113870Myers, Tim
Deepest Blue, The20139781933718903Justesen, Kim Williams
Defending Hillsborough19989781884570858Thomasson, Clarissa
Definition of Wind, The20119780440245766Block, Brett Ellen
Déjà Vu20099781593092597Perkins, Suzetta
Deja Dead19979780671011369Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Delectable Mountains, The1901Colton, Arthur Willis
Description of New Athens in Terra Australis Incognita, A1720Gildon, Charles
Desert Places20049780312286446Crouch, Blake
Deserter's Daughter, The1865Herrington, William D.
Designated Daughters20149781455545285Maron, Margaret B.
Devil Bones20089781416525660Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Devil Dunes1969Sheppard, Mary Stimson
Devil Must, The1955Wicker, Thomas Grey
Devil’s Right Hand, The2005312334192Rhoades, J.D.
Devil's Brew20099780971287525Spence, Keith
Devil's Courthouse, The20109781448947836Thackston, Lawrence
Devil's Half, The1968Pierce, Ovid Williams
Diablero20109780981957241Tate, Toby
Diamondback20079781933836430Bowie, Phil
Diary of a Fed Up Teacher20169781943419319Putnam, Chip
Diary of a Williamsburg Hostess1946Campbell, Helen Jones
Digby the Only Dog1955Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Discovering North Carolina: A Tar Heel Reader19919780807819319Claiborne, Jack;
Price, Jr., William Solomon
Disorder in the Court!19849780914875444Buchanan III, Marcellus;
Terrell, Bob
Distance from the Heart of Things19969780395860311Warlick, Ashley
Dividing Ridge: The Unsolved Murder of Elva Brannock20199798570975552Hawks, Stacy Nycole
Divining Women20049780399151606Gibbons, Kaye
Diva Wore Diamonds, The20099780972121156Schweizer, Mark
Doctor for Barbara, A1956Brucker, Margaretta Lena
Doctor Happy1938Moore, Bertha Belle
Doctor Joel1945Wright, Watkins Eppes
Dog on the Sun1949Green, Paul Eliot
Dog's Way Home, A20119780061986741Pyron, Bobbie
Dog's Way Home, A20119780061986727
Dogwood Bushes, A Comedy of Country Youth1931Stout, Wilbur White
Doing It at the Dixie Dew20149781250046383Moose, Ruth Morris
Dolores: A Tale of Disappointment and Distress1868Robinson, Benjamin
Don't Split the Pole19979780385323024Tate, Eleanora E.
Don't Tell20039780755371150Rose, Karen
Don't Tread on Me1954Karig, Walter
Double Dead20079781594145872Hoover, Terry
Double Dog Dare20139780985774844Ball, Donna Rochelle
Double Man, The1957Fenton, Elinor Pryor
Down the Broken Road20189781683317418Backlund, J.R.
Down East on Nelson Island20069780970719737Dodd, Karen E.
Down Home Murder19939781587249112Kelner, Toni L. P.
Down River20079780312359317Hart, John
Down to Seven1957Henderson, Walter Percy
Down, Down the Mountain1934Credle, Ellis
Dream Boy19959781565121065Grimsley, Jim
Dream Daughter, The20189781250087300Chamberlain, Diane
Dream Lover20119781595130426Stern, Peggy Poe
Dream of Wolves, A20009780060932367White, Michael C.
Dreams Don’t Last20029780373268481Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Dreams of Flight2003Guralnick, June
Dreamweaver20069780978839802Strickland, Buddy
Dred1856Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Driftwood Tides20149781414366425Holmes, Gina
Drinkwater's Folly20079781571974730Pendleton, James
Driven From HomeDabbs, Ethel Thomas
Driven to Distraction20049780373765683Browning, Dixie Burrus
Drivin' Woman1942Chevalier, Elizabeth Pickett
Drop Dead Chocolate20129781250001054Myers, Tim
Drops of the Night20069781933251295Duncan, Julia Nunnally
Drought and Other North Carolina Yarns1915Smith, Edith Hutchins
Drovers' Gold1961Street, Julia Montgomery
Drummer Boy, The1863Trowbridge, John Townsend
Drummer's Rest1931Ewing, Edward Hilts
Drums19259780766194618Boyd, James
Drums of Autumn19979780440224259Gabaldon, Diana Jean
Drury Randall1934Johnston, Mary
Dry Grass of August, The20119780758254092Mayhew, Anna Jean
Du Sang sous les Magnolias19829788473171168Hardré, Jacques
Duke Miscellany, A19709780822302421Blackburn, William Maxwell
Dulcie's Whale1963Street, Julia Montgomery
Duplin Story, The1950Byrd, Samuel Armanie
Durham Station1961Smith, Betty
Durham Tales: The Morris Street Maple, The Plastic Cow, The Durham Day That Was & More20089781596295889Wise, Jim
Dyeing Shame, A20069781933678085Craig, Elizabeth Spann
Dying Business, A2009de Castrique, Mark
Dying to Be Thin20079780451222404Lilley, Kathryn
Early Dark19779780689107993Price, Edward Reynolds
Early from the Dance20039780385264174Payne, William David
Early Leaving20049780060594589Goldman, Judy Ann
East of Today19819780671570934Browning, Dixie Burrus
Easter Maus2010Hutton, John
Eating Crow19889780531104996Hopkins, Lila
Echoes of Family9781503938137White, Barbara Claypole
Echoes of Happy Valley1962Hickerson, Thomas Felix
Echoes of Mercy20079780979094996Hampton, Lynette Hall
Edge of the Woods, The1964Miller, Heather Ross
Eleanor Hill19999780812627152Kline, Lisa Williams
Elemental20129780803736825John, Antony
Eliza and the Analogies of Burnshire20099781608132164Hasty, Vicki Sterling
Ellen Foster19879781616203023Gibbons, Kaye
Emeralds in the Snow20049781932158564Bishop, Maggie
Empire of Light9781612196442Bible, Michael
Empty Chair, The20009780671026011Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Enchanted Life of Adam Hope, The20139780062099440Riley, Rhonda
Ends of the Earth20099781595543080Downs, Tim
Enduring Destiny20199781732023628Patel, Shaila
Entanglement20159780692442425Pryal, Katie Rose Guest
Entering Ephesus19719780933256798Athas, Daphne
Entwined19989780451407511Browning, Dixie Burrus
Entwined Lives of Miss Gabrielle Austin, Daughter of the Late Rev. Ellis C. Austin and of Redmond, the Outlaw, Leader of the North Carolina "Moonshiners", The1879Crittenden, Edward B.
Eoneguski1836Strange, Robert
Ernestine's Milky Way20199781524714864Madden-Lunsford, Kerry
Eros and Illinois1980Wood III, Ira David
Esmeralda1881Burnett, Frances Eliza Hodgson
Estate of Mind19999780380802272Myers, Tamar
Esther Wake1913Vermont, Adolph
Esther's Gift20029780670031214Karon, Jan Meredith
Etta Mae's Worst Bad-Luck Day20149780670024377Ross, Ann B.
Even As We Breathe20209781950564064Clapsaddle, Annette Saunooke
Even Now20019780446527620Kelly, Susan Stafford
Even White Boys Get the Blues19929780812920727Marlette, Doug Nigel
Evensong19999780345434777Godwin, Gail Kathleen
Every Breath20189781538728529Sparks, Nicholas
Every Sky a Grave2020
Every Trick in the Book20139780425251676May, Sylvia;
Stanley, Jennifer
Everybody's Gotta Eat20099781599481852Winchester, Kevin
Everything Wright20059780803497153Thomas, Katrina
Evil Eclairs20119780312541071Myers, Tim
Evil That Men Do, The20071425990371Vaughn, Edward
Evil Turns20169781464205231Tesh, Jane
Exit 2220089780972818667Terrell, Patricia McClelland
Exit Wounds20049780972503143Land, Dixie
Exposure20119780345515537Fowler, Therese Anne
Eye of the Beholder20019780967652832Pate, Jeff
Eyes Unto the Hills1951Moore, Bertha Belle
Eye-Witness; or, Life Scenes in the Old North State, Depicting the Trials and Sufferings of the Unionists during the Rebellion1865Wheeler, Arthur Oliver
Eyrie and Other Southern Stories, The1905Pool, Bettie Freshwater
Facing the Flag1897Verne, Jules Gabriel
Fade to Us20189781250097378Langston, Elizabeth
Fair Adventure, The1940Vining, Elizabeth Janet Gray
Fair Lady of Halifax, The1920Pollock, John Alfred
Fairway to Heaven20059780425201558Isleib, Roberta
Fallen Angel and Other Stories, The1956Polk, William Tannahill
Falling in Love20099780821781418Trent, Pauline
Fallout Girl20189781947834248Pryal, Katie Rose Guest
Family of Strangers20109781463785109Myers, Tim
Far Family, The19669780961385958Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Far From the Tree20019780312330910DeBerry, Virginia;
Grant, Donna
Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You19979780312146009Chappell, Fred Davis
Farm Fresh and Fatal20139780989580403Hogan, Judy
Fast Track20089780758227140Kuczkir, Mary
Fatal Appraisal, A20069781597224932
Fatal Disclosure20129780373444915Robbins, Sandra
Fatal Undertaking20109781590588017de Castrique, Mark
Fatal Voyage20019780671028374Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Fatally Frosted20119781250005403Myers, Tim
Father of Convenience20089780803499133Thomas, Katrina
Favorite Sons, The19929780945575368Russell, John
Feast of Fat Things, A19689780911676013Zachary, Hugh D.
Feeding the Ancient Fires19999780967218007Moore, MariJo
Feels Like Falling20209781982117702Woodson Harvey, Kristy
Felonious Jazz20099781442173088Gilmer, Bryan
Feral, North Carolina, 196520199781970137811Saraceno, June Sylvester
Festival in Fire Season19969780963596765Bache, Ellyn
Fiddler's Fancy1955Street, Julia Montgomery
Fiery Cross, The2001440221668Gabaldon, Diana Jean
Fifteenth Summer20119781456763817Salter, Kay
Fifth Category, The20069781430302025Campbell, K. Robert
Fifth Skull, The20089780871525611Garren, Terrell T.
Fighting Fate20189781732023604Patel, Shaila
Figs and Thistles18799781446055595Tourgée, Albion Winegar
Final Day, The20179780765376732Forstchen, William R.
Final Truth, The2006345483839Stewart, Mariah
Final Undertaking20079781590585191de Castrique, Mark
Finder's Fee, A20139780425252314Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Finding Clara2000Guralnick, June
Finding Faith20039780972503136Land, Dixie
Finer Things in Life, The1951Patton, Frances Gray
Fire Gazer20099780979396113McGuire, Kevin Burton
Fireborn Woman2018Mountford, Elizabeth Josephine
Firebrand20139780803736832John, Antony
Firefly Rain20109781439148631Dansky, Richard
Fires of Pride, The2003786712236Trotter, Jr., William R.
Firescalds Road To The Sky, The20099781603831314Jones, Cleveland
Fireside Musings of "Uncle" Rastas and "Aunt" Randy1925Frazer, William Henry
First for Freedom19769780877160670Williams, Maxville Burt
First Frost20159781250019837Allen, Sarah Addison
First Impressions20059780743437141Montassir, Jude Gilliam
First in Freedom1975Blythe, William LeGette
First Lady20019781570719714Malone, Michael Christopher
First Murder in Advent20069781594145278Wildwind, Sharon Grant
First Shall Be the Last, The20079780803498389Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
First Time Home20059780373285303Browning, Dixie Burrus
Fishbox Vanity19949781878177056FitzSimons, Jennifer
Fisher's River1859Taliaferro, Mark Hardin
Fisher's River (North Carolina) Scenes and Characters, by "Skitt," "Who Was Raised Thar"1859Talliaferro, Hardin Edwards
Fitzgerald Ruse, The20099781590586297de Castrique, Mark
Five Star Fraud20109780557186044Cahill, Margaret G.
Five-Sided Heart20169781634772662MacGowan, Max
Flagstone Walk, A1968Stem, Jr., Thaddeus Garland
Flames of the Blue Ridge1919Dorrance, Ethel Arnold Smith;
Dorrance, James French
Flaming Gahagans, The1933Miller, Helen Topping
Flaming Ship of Ocracoke and Other Tales of the Outer Banks, The19719780910244619Whedbee, Charles Harry
Flash and Bones20119781439102411Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Flash Drive20129781467520089DeGroot, Jacqueline
Flash of Red, A19969780399141560Harvey, Clay
Flat Rock Harvest20069781597150286Hubbell, David Smith
Fleeing From the Devil: Escape to Hilton Head Island20129780984632053Sink, Alice E.
Flesh of the Orchid, The1948Raymond, Rene Brabazon
Flicker of Doubt, A20069781597223553Myers, Tim
Flight to the Hills1926Buck, Charles Neville
Flim-Flam Man and The Apprentice Grifter, The19720517500612Owen, Jr., Guy
Flim-Flam Man and Other Stories, The19800877161097Owen, Jr., Guy
Floatplane Notebooks, The19880945575009Edgerton, Clyde Carlyle
Floodmarkers20099781582435060Brown, Nic
Flop- Eared Hound, The1938Credle, Ellis
Flora20139781620401200Godwin, Gail Kathleen
Flye on the Wall20149780996074605Burne, Mariah Christianna
Flying High With the Wright Brothers19959780964697003Maden, Mary
Foal Play20139781250026590O'Sullivan, Kathryn
Folk of the Fringe, The19890932096492Card, Orson Scott
Foolish Undertaking20069781590582275de Castrique, Mark
Fool's Errand, A18809781149375761Tourgée, Albion Winegar
Foolscap20029781570717574Malone, Michael Christopher
Footprints of God, The20030743234693Iles, Greg
For the Last Time20029780373268344Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
For the Love of Lady Margaret19089781163677810Wilson, William Thomas
For the Major1883Woolson, Constance Fenimore
For the Strength of You20059780976234975Martin, Victor L.
Forbidden Bride, The20030373292406Reavis, Cheryl
Forces of Nature20139780758276605Hodges, Cheris F.
Foreseeable Future, The19910689121105Price, Edward Reynolds
Forests of the Night20059780312271800Hall, James Wilson
Forever Friends20039780062517487Hinton, Lynne
Forever Man, A20129781938686269Flinn, Mary
Forget about Murder20009780425173435Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
Forgiven, The2007142576407XVaughn, Edward
Forgiving Kind, The20199781496717009Everhart, Donna
Forgotten Door, The19659780838202647Key, Alexander Hill
Forgotten Tales of North Carolina20069781596291775Kammerer, Roger E.;
Painter, Tom
Formaldehyde, Rooster20169781534816381Hogan, Judy
Forms of Shelter20079780385340977Davis-Gardner, Angela
Fort Fisher; or, The Thunder of Siege Guns1882Harbaugh, Thomas Chalmers
Fortune Island20099780979969423Schorb, Edwin Marsh
Four Corners of the Sky, The20099781570717444Malone, Michael Christopher
Fourteenth Summer20099780984251728Salter, Kay
Fourth Estate, The2007Campbell, K. Robert
Foxes, The1936Harriss, Robert Preston
Freaks in Love20059781887240079Miller, Heather Ross
Fred Chappell Reader, The19879780312050924Chappell, Fred Davis
Free Bird20029780758201393Garrett, Greg
Free Forester1935Colony, Horatio
Freedom on the Menu20049780803728608Weatherford, Carole Boston
Freedom's Altar19999780895871770Price, Charles Fred
Freedom's Fruit19959780679924388Hooks, William Harris
Friend of the Firm20089780981831909Richter, Frances
Friends "At the Spring" : A History of Spring Monthly Meeting1984Newlin, Algia Innman
Friendship Cake20009780688171476Hinton, Lynne
From Hallowed Ground20099780578007069Edwards, Edith
From the Heart of Covington20029780312988258Medlicott, Joan Avna
From My Highest Hill1941Dargan, Olive Tilford
From Palms to Pines1947Moore, Bertha Belle
From This Day Forward1967Cranford, Fred B.
Fruit of the Poisoned Tree20069780425209677Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Fugitive King, The20021933523212Shaber, Sarah Rock
Fumbler1928Russell, Charles Phillips
Gabriel's Songbook20179781942016366Cody, Michael Amos
Gaius and Gaius Jr.1923Cobb, Lucy Maria
Galatia Road20129781475148183Maus, Henrietta Ford
Gallant Mrs. Stonewall, The1957Kane, Harnett Thomas
Game of Deception, The20100982841418Martin, Victor L.
Gap Creek19999781616201760Morgan, Robert Ray
Gap O' the Mountains1939Burnett, George Lafayette
Garden Spells20079780553805482Allen, Sarah Addison
Gardens of Covington, The2001312980124Medlicott, Joan Avna
Gate to Nowhere20089781933353012Sain, Leanna
Gathering Storm: a Story of the Black Belt1932Page, Dorothy Myra
Gaudy Place, The19739780807119341Chappell, Fred Davis
Generations1991Guralnick, June
Generous Man, A1966Price, Edward Reynolds
Genesis Beach20079780595417865Whitfield, Susan
Genius Under Construction20149780819831262Haynes, Marilee
Gena of the Appalachians19109781117343914Wallin, Clarence Monroe
Gentile and the Jew, The20051414105800Thomas, Marilyn Denny
Gentle Insurrection and Other Stories, The1954Betts, Doris Waugh
Gentle's Holler20059780670059980Madden-Lunsford, Kerry
Geographical Cure, The19949780140243901Parker, Michael
George Midgett's War19859780684183152Edwards, Sally
Get Out of Town1951Wicker, Thomas Grey
Get Rufus!20089781566642736Terrell, Bob
Getting Some of Her Own20079780758213105Johnson-Acsadi, Gwynne
Ghost of a Chance, A20129781462673285Tetreault, Brenda
Ghost on Black Mountain20119781451606423Hite, Ann
Ghost Riders20039780525947189McCrumb, Sharyn
Ghost Stories and Legends of the Mountains1935Patton, Sadie Smathers
Ghosts of Salem and Other Tales20029780971941113Starbuck, Richard W.
Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, The20149780803736719Turnage, Sheila
Ghosts of Turtle Nest, The20079780595410576Edwards, Edith
Gift for Penelope, A1955Cobb, Lucy Maria
Gift of Angels, A19999781878086808Bledsoe, Jerry
Gift To The Eye And More, A20089781599830643Turnage, Leceila
Gifts of Grace20109780984613724Sink, Alice E.
Gilt by Association19969780380782376Myers, Tamar
Ginger Hill19739780910244725Allen, Sarah Pearson Sawyer
Girdle of the Great, The1908Douglass, John Jordan
Girl20109780982539644Bare, Bart
Girl Back Home, The20109781456361990Bradshaw, Rebecca Elizabeth
Girl Called Boy, A19829780395310229Hurmence, Belinda
Girl In Checks, The1892Daniel, James Walter
Girl of the Blue Ridge, A1915Erskine, Emma Payne
Girl of the Listening Heart, The1937Moore, Bertha Belle
Girl of Piney Dell, The1883Rivenbark, Mrs. Robert W.
Girl Who Chased the Moon, The20109780553807219Allen, Sarah Addison
Girls With Hammers20049781560234753Chadwick, Cynn
Glad News of the Natural World20059780743264631Pearson, Thomas Reid
Glass is Always Greener, The20119780060846619Myers, Tamar
Glazed Murder20109780312946104Myers, Tim
Gleanings From Long Ago1933Mordecai, Ellen
Glory Be!20079780373442454Benrey, Janet;
Benrey, Ronald
Glory’s Last Victim20049780803496385Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone20219781101885680Gabaldon, Diana Jean
Go With Him Twain1941Moore, Bertha Belle
Goat That Went to School, The1940Credle, Ellis
Gods and One, The1941Hannum, Alberta Pierson
God's Fool20029780375402166Slouka, Mark
Gods of Howl Mountain: A Novel20209781250111777Brown, Taylor
Going Home20079781434330468Thomas, Marilyn Denny
Going Home to Zion20059781933251097West, John Foster
Gold Seekers, The19890872496589Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
Golden Admiral1953Mason, Francis Van Wyck
Golden Girl19859780963596727Tilly, Nancy
Goliath20129780312675011Woodring, Susan
Gone a Hundred Miles1968Miller, Heather Ross
Gone to Glory20079780373442577Benrey, Janet;
Benrey, Ronald
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Goodliest Land, The1974Buckner, Sally Beaver
Goshen's Watch20109781449073091Herring, Edna
Governor's Prisoner, The19991884778720Young, Roy E.
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Grave Secrets20029780671028381Reichs, Kathleen Joan
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Gravesend Light20009780385473385Payne, William David
Gravestone20119781434764195Thrasher, Travis
Great Divide, The20010385502877Bunn, T. Davis
Great Promise, The1946Houston, Noel
Green Arch, The1925Washburn, Claude Carlos
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Green Pond1955Brandon, Evan Lenoir
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Watson, Robert Winthrop
Greetings from Nowhere20089780374399375O'Connor, Barbara Lawrence
Grey Caps1932Knox, Rose Bell
Grits and Glory20089780373443000Benrey, Janet;
Benrey, Ronald
Growing Gills20119780914875604Joy, David
Growing Season, The19639780380441310Speas, Jan Cox
Guardian, The20049780446696111Sparks, Nicholas
Guardian Spirit20109780984462711Byrd, Sarah Martin
Guardians of Knowledge, The20159181943419005Putnam, Chip
Guest Book, The20129780310334743Whalen, Marybeth
Guests on Earth20139781616202538Smith, Lee
Guilt of August Fielding, The19710812813790Tucker, Helen Beckwith
Gulf Stream North1954Conrad, Earl
Gun Shy20079780451221896Ball, Donna Rochelle
Guns20069781932815597Bowie, Phil
Guns at Guilford Court House20099780936389974Pfaff, Eugene E.
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Gus and the Nice Lady19929780373056910Browning, Dixie Burrus
Gwen, in Green1974Zachary, Hugh D.
Gypsy's Curse, The20169780986325236Whitford, Sara
Half-Life of Home, The20139781934081419Neal, Dale
Hammer Spade and the Case of the Missing Husband20069780977894802Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Diamond Smugglers20069780977894833Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Four Horsemen20109781934936443Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Inca Curse20099781934936337Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Long Shooter20099781934936184Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Merchants of Death20079780977894888Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Midnight Treader20089781934936061Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Ring of Fire20079780979620911Alston, E. B.
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Hannah's House20089780970224958Allen, Joyce
Hanover1901Fulton, David Bryant
Happy Animals of Atagahi, The1935James, Bessie Rowland
Hard Bargain, A20099781590586525Tesh, Jane
Hard Day’s Knight20159781611941678Hartness, John G.
Hard Row20079780446618076Maron, Margaret B.
Harper's Moon20009780425175422Judson, Suzanne
Harvest of Changelings20079781930846463Rochelle, Warren G.
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Hatteras Light19869780684187303Gerard, Philip
Hatterasman, The1958MacNeill, Ben Dixon
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Lavene, Joyce
Have You Heard20049781582341897Ferrell, Anderson
Have You Seen Her?20049780446612814Rose, Karen
Haven20129780425258743Hooper, Kay
Haw20169781518818141Hogan, Judy
Hawk in the Wind1938Miller, Helen Topping
Haydocks' Testimony, The1907Wood, Lydia Cope
Head Game20069781595540232Downs, Tim
Heading West19819780684801155Betts, Doris Waugh
Healing Hills, The1941Moore, Bertha Belle
Heart of the Blue Ridge1915Baily, Dykeman Waldron
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Heart's Haven1939Corby, Ruth Rosemary
Heathen Valley1962Linney, Romulus
Heaven-high and Hell-deep20039781595130556Stern, Peggy Poe
Heavy Weather20159780986141607Fischer, Normandie
Helen Comes Home1943Wright, Watkins Eppes
Hell Swamp20099781603180948Whitfield, Susan
Hell-Bent fer Heaven1924Hughes, Harvey Hatcher
Hello Down There19939781560546719Parker, Michael
Henry the Ninth19879780373482528Browning, Dixie Burrus
Her Man Upstairs20059780373766345Browning, Dixie Burrus
Her Mother's Shadow20049780778314806Chamberlain, Diane
Here and There with Henry1943Tippett, James Sterling
Here Comes the Show Boat!1949Credle, Ellis
Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail20039780895872821Shivers, Louise
Hickory Limb, The1942Priley, Margaret Hubbard
Hidden Agenda19979780965771740Alexander, Skye
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Hidden Scars20179781464208966de Castrique, Mark
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Hide20159781632863386Griffin, Matthew
Hiding Gladys20139780738734231Mims, Lee
High Country Fall20049780892968084Maron, Margaret B.
High Days and Holidays19949780964339606Liverman, Henry Joe
High in Trial20139780985774813Ball, Donna Rochelle
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Highland Grace20039780764224546Parker, Gary E.
Highland Hopes20019780764224522Parker, Gary E.
Highland Mercies20029780764224539Parker, Gary E.
Highpockets1948Tunis, John Roberts
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Hills of Home, The20059781595130525Stern, Peggy Poe
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Hirum Harum1789Schofel, Johann W.A.
His Hands20039781586603748Lehman, Yvonne
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Holding Putter20189781973642916Lefler, John C.H.
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Holy War20049781887905831Farlow, Jonathan
Home1979Williams, Samuel Arthur
Home Across the Road19999780553381023Peacock, Nancy Jean
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Home Before Dark19769780394832999Bridgers, Sue Ellen
Home Before Midnight20069780425211083Kantra, Virginia
Home Fires19989780446608107Maron, Margaret B.
Home for the Day19949780394580944Ferrell, Anderson
Home Made19909780933598225Price, Edward Reynolds
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Home to the Hills1944Wright, Watkins Eppes
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Homeward Trail, The1916Baily, Dykeman Waldron
Hooked Up20089780738711102Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Hope Mills19979780916366827Pierce, Constance
Hope Springs20129781595549976Tate, Kimberly Cash
Hopscotch20179781604891782Cushman, Steve
Horace Chase18949781163796351Woolson, Constance Fenimore
Horn in the West1952Hunter, Kermit Houston
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Horse-Shoe Robinson1835Kennedy, John Pendleton
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Hung for a Song1934Parrish, George Dillwyn
Hunters' Hideout1959Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
Hunter's Horn, The1947Ricks, Pierson
Hunting Fear20049780553803167Hooper, Kay
Hurry Home to My Heart1945Byrd, Samuel Armanie
Hurt2013Thrasher, Travis
Hush20189781250012302Hart, John
I Am One of You Forever19859780807114100Chappell, Fred Davis
I Cannot Get You Close Enough19909780316313131Gilchrist, Ellen
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I Spend the Summer1930Tippett, James Sterling
I Take This Squaw1942Biggs, Rosa Fulghum
I Took My Love to the Country1966Banning, Margaret Culkin
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Lavene, Joyce
If You Lived Here20079780061130496Sachs, Dana
If You Want Me to Stay20059781565124844Parker, Michael
Illegally Iced20129781250001078Myers, Tim
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Impassioned Foothills1937Rollins, Kathleen
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In Buncombe County1896Pool, Maria Louise
In Colt Blood19989780449000847Jaffe, Jody
In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim1899Burnett, Frances Eliza Hodgson
In a Dark Garden1946Slaughter, Frank Gill
In a Dark Season20089780440243601Lane, Vicki
In Dixon's Kitchen1928Stout, Wilbur White
In Every Way20159781619024595Brown, Nic
In the Forest of Harm20019780553582703Bissell, Sallie
In the Funny Papers19959780826210319Miller, Heather Ross
In the Garden20029780971353411Guess, Catherine Ritch
In Memory of Junior19929781565120105Edgerton, Clyde Carlyle
In the Nantahalas1910Townsend, Metta Folger
In the Shadow of Old Smoky19949780963068255Mathes, Charles Hodge
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Ingledove20059780374335991Youmans, Marly
Inimitable J.S.M., The1981Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Inkling, The1965Chappell, Fred Davis
Inner Voice, The1940Putnam, Nina Wilcox
Innkeeping with Murder20019780425180020Myers, Tim
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Innocent, Ignorant, and Black1964Carlyle, Sylvia J.
Interval in Carolina1945Abrahams, William Miller
Into the Chilling Water20079780914875512Morgan, Joe Richard
Into the Wind19779780380710263Taylor, Theodore
Invented Life of Kitty Duncan, The20060978549929Meads, Kathy Ann
Iola1886Barrett, John Pressley
Iola Leroy1892Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins
Iron House20119780312380342Hart, John
Is There a Dead Man in the House?19989780425161425Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
Is There a Red Menace at Chapel Hill?1940Pridgen, Tim
Island Girl1951Darby, Ada Claire
Island Murders20019781928556268Canada, Wanda
Island Sojourn20109780803477551Thomas, Katrina
Isolation20089780446505543Thrasher, Travis
It Happened Here1976Barbour, Ruth Peeling
It is Time, Lord1963Chappell, Fred Davis
It Was Forever1940Gold, Daisy Hendley
Ivy20089781935130116Morgan, Larry G.
Ivy Cole and the Moon20059780976387428Farago, Gina
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Ivy: Yankee Sweetheart, Rebel Nurse20049781887905848Morgan, Larry G.
Jack Adrift20039780374399870Gantos, Jack
Jack Always Seeks His Fortune19929780874832808Davis, Donald
Jack and the Animals19959780874834130Davis, Donald
Jack and the Three Sillies1950Chase, Richard
Jack Crews1899Boggs, Martha Frye
Jack O'Doon1894Beale, Maria Taylor
Jackson Mahaffey1951Ross, Fred E.
Jacob's Run20079780978526528Beshears, John;
Zeller, Bob
Jamie20059780821775141Foster, Lori
Jane Hope1933Vining, Elizabeth Janet Gray
Jane Lends a Hand1923Watkins, Shirley
Janey Jeems1946Harris, Bernice Kelly
Janey's Shoes1941Credle, Ellis
Jefferson Key, The20119780345505514Berry, Steve
Jenifer19069781177489980Thruston, Lucy Meacham Kidd
Jessie's Mountain20089780670061549Madden-Lunsford, Kerry
Jesus Swept20089780979270079Protzman, James Alexander
Jigsaw20099780615360041Brogden, Ted Miller
Jigsaw Part II20179780692889435Brogden, Ted Miller
Jilted by Death20109780373267200Hampton, Lynette Hall
Jim the Boy20009780316198950Earley, Tony L.
Jobless Recovery20059781595261571Evans, L. C.
John the Balladeer19889780385183970Wellman, Manly Wade
John Dean's Journey1932McClure, Marjorie Barkley
John Vytal1901Payson, William Farquhar
Johnny and His Mule1946Credle, Ellis
Jolly J's Have a Reunion, The1952Moore, Bertha Belle
Jolly J's Make Decisions, The1951Moore, Bertha Belle
Jolly J's of Silver Creek, The1949Moore, Bertha Belle
Joppa20089781595130464Stern, Peggy Poe
Joscelyn Cheshire1901Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont
Journey Cake1942McMeekin, Isabel McLennan
Journey for Joedel1970Owen, Jr., Guy
Journey of August King19719780786880317Ehle, Jr., John Marsden
Joy Shop Stories1929Moore, Bertha Belle
Joyland20139781781162644King, Stephen Edwin
JubJub Bird, The1966Hardy, William Marion
Jucklins, The1896Read, Opie Percival
Judge Buell's Legacy1985Pierce, Ovid Williams
Julia Gwynn1952Marshall, Robert K.
July 7th19849780912697123McCorkle, Jill Collins
Jump Into the Sky20129780375836992Pearsall, Shelley
June Gold1922Baily, Dykeman Waldron
June of the Hills1927Camak, David English
Juny1890De Leon, Thomas Cooper
Just Folks1978Linney, Romulus
Just a Hint-Clint20049781420112450Foster, Lori
Just North of Luck20079780741443595Whitfield, Susan
Just Plain Larnin'1934Shields, James M.
Just a Simple Country Preacher19859780840759733Marlette, Doug Nigel
Just You Wait20159781464203695Tesh, Jane
Kane's Way19939780373058013Browning, Dixie Burrus
Kappy Oliver1956Walker, Nona
Kara Was Here20139781593765330Conescu, William
Kate Bonnet1902Stockton, Frank Richard
Kate Vaiden19869780641777028Price, Edward Reynolds
Kate Weathers1878Vaughan, Francis
Katie19819780842320283Graham, Margaret
Katrine1909Lane, Elinor Macartney
Keegan's Hunt19939780373058204Browning, Dixie Burrus
Keep 'Em Laughing with Bob Terrell19859780914875086Terrell, Bob
Keeper of the Light20029781551669595Chamberlain, Diane
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Keeping the Moon19999780142401767Dessen, Sarah
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Key, The2014Berman, Rita
Key to Murder20119781463782450Myers, Tim
Kids These Days20149781616201715Perry, Drew
Kill 1, Kill 21940Anderson, Walter Wadsley
Killer Cake, A20129781481138475Myers, Tim
Killer Collection, A20069780425207451
Killer Crullers20129780312542313Myers, Tim
Killer Diller19919780816152544Edgerton, Clyde Carlyle
Killer Frost20129780983682387Hogan, Judy
Killer Market19979780446606196Maron, Margaret B.
Killer Plot, A20109780425235225Stanley, Jennifer
Killer Weed20149780985387594Wilson, Robert F
Killer Workout, A20089780451225351Lilley, Kathryn
Killer's Wife, The20080312373392Floyd, Bill
Killing Frost, A1967Wilkinson, Sylvia Jean
Kindred SpiritsCrabtree, Carrie Martin
King Mackerel and the Blues are Running19989780573696602Simpson, Bland
King of Lies, The2006031234161XHart, John
King of Scuffletoun, The1940Groome, Bailey Troy;
Lucas, Jr., John Paul
Kingdom Come20009780785267706Bunn, T. Davis;
Burkett, Larry
Kingpin, The1953Wicker, Thomas Grey
Kings Mountain1950Henri, Florette
King's Mountain20139781250011404McCrumb, Sharyn
Kingstree Island19599780380005093Ehle, Jr., John Marsden
Kiss the Girls19959780446601245Patterson, James
Kiss of Frost20119780758266941Estep, Jennifer
Kiss River20049780778320029Chamberlain, Diane
Kit Brandon1936Anderson, Sherwood
Kitty Hawk20129781585366057Smith, Roland
KLLRS20089781605420608Bowie, Phil
Knight (un)Life20169781611942071Hartness, John G.
Knight Moves20159781611942071Hartness, John G.
Knit in Comfort20109780061995422Sharpe, Isabel
Knot What It Seams20139780451239617Craig, Elizabeth Spann
Ku-Klux Klan No. 401895Jerome, Thomas Jefferson
Laborers Together1952Moore, Bertha Belle
Lacuna, The20090060852577Kingsolver, Barbara
Ladies of Covington Send Their Love, The2000031225329XMedlicott, Joan Avna
Lady of New Orleans, The19019781178829976Thornton, Marcellus Eugene
Lady of Roanoke, The19659780030497759Bothwell, Jean
Land Breakers, The19649780977228379Ehle, Jr., John Marsden
Land More Kind than Home, A20129780062088239Cash, Wiley
Land of Amnesia20099780981628073Bathanti, Joseph
Land of the Sky, The18769781566641777Tiernan, Frances Christine Fisher
Landscape of the Heart1953Rogers, Lettie Hamlett
Language of Sand, The20109780440245759Block, Brett Ellen
Larceny and Old Lace19969780380782390Myers, Tamar
Last Ballad, The20179780062670731Cash, Wiley
Last Bigfoot in Dixie20149781611945485Avett, Wally
Last Child, The20090312359322Hart, John
Last Cruise of the "Nightwatch"1956Bloomfield, Howard Van Lieu
Last Dance19999780803493896Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Last Day, The20080440243114Miller, John Ramsey
Last Days of Video, The20159781619024854Hawkins, Jeremy
Last Days of the War in North Carolina, The1885Vance, Zebulon Baird
Last Fires Burning20039780803496095Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Last First Kiss, The9781733681698Bennett, Walter
Last Gift, The19991564767795Parker, Gary E.
Last Girls, The20029780345464958Smith, Lee
Last Great Snake Show, The19970399142800McLaurin, Tim
Last Honest Man, The20030373711476Kent, Lynnette
Last Kincaid, The20129780615563190Brogden, Ted Miller
Last Lessons of Summer20039780446614221Maron, Margaret B.
Last Love20089780595501267Caldwell, D. H.
Last Odd Day, The200460563389Hinton, Lynne
Last of How It Was, The19870671617389Pearson, Thomas Reid
Last of Something, The20061933648082Kelly, Susan Stafford
Last One Down20059780803497283Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Last One Home19849780060153373Ehle, Jr., John Marsden
Last Rites20049780803496781Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Last Rose of Summer, The20080557005515Cocolin, Theresa
Last Song, The20099780446547567Sparks, Nicholas
Last Spartan, The20081886028885Saunders, John F.
Last Summer of Her Other Life, The20090061452491Page, Jean Reynolds
Last to Remember, The20019780803494688Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Last Treasure, The20169781101990841Marks, Erika
Last Voyage of the Dan-D, The20039780974773506Alston, E. B.
Last Word, The20119780425245002Stanley, Jennifer
Last-Day Apostles, The20039780972560962Pate, Jeff
Late Rising Moon19849780671454531Browning, Dixie Burrus
Laughing Pioneer, The1932Green, Paul Eliot
Law of Finders Keepers, The20189780803739628Turnage, Sheila
Leaf Against the Sky, The1947Ader, Paul Fassett
Learning to Slow Dance20139781622680191Terrell, Joseph L. S.
Leaves of Leisure1931Peace, Samuel Thomas
Leaving Carolina20099781601421661Leigh, Tamara
Leaving Levittown20009780595156672Harris, Mac Sherman
Leaving Lukens20119780983714804Wharton, Laura S.
Legacy of Masks20059780553584950Bissell, Sallie
Legend of Buddy Bush, The20049780689858390Moses, Sheila P.
Legend of the White Doe, The19889780027443509Hooks, William Harris
Legendborn20209781534441606Deonn, Tracy
Legwork19979780380791361Munger, Katy
Leonora1904Lawson, Laura Burnett
Let the Dead Bury Their Dead19929780151498864Kenan, Randall Garrett
Let Us Break Bread Together20059780971353473Guess, Catherine Ritch
Let's Go Feed the Animals20149781462673988Hartsell, Sandra Lee
Letter Sweater, The20079780975870044Crayton, Jr., Paul
Letters from Edgeworth1988Edmunds, Mary Lewis Rucker
Libby19809780843930283Machlin, Milt
Liberty Boys After Cornwallis, The1905Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys and the Blind Boy, The1908Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys and Captain Huck, The1910Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys and Flora Macdonald, The1904Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys and General Greene, The1903Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys and Major Davie, The1922Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys at Bay, The1912Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys at Guilford Courthouse, The1905Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys at Hanging Rock, The1904Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys' Bugler, The1911Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys Clever Trick, The1913Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys Going It Blind, The1920Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys' Success, The1913Moore, Harry
Lies and Other Acts of Love20169781101987063Woodson Harvey, Kristy
Lies We Told, The20109780778328537Chamberlain, Diane
Life After Life20139781565122550McCorkle, Jill Collins
Life All Around Me by Ellen Foster, The20059780151012046Gibbons, Kaye
Life and Correspondence of James Iredell1858McRee, Griffith John
Life and Entertaining Adventures of Mr. Cleveland, Natural Son of Oliver Cromwell, The1734Prevost, Antoine Francois
Life in the United States1933Lewis, Charles Bertrand
Life of the World to Come, The20149781611174540Bathanti, Joseph
Life Without Water19969780553379297Peacock, Nancy Jean
Life, Confession and Execution of the Jew and Jewess, Gustavus Linderhoff and Fanny Victoria Talzingler, The1856Lewis, Charles Bertrand
Lifesaving Adventure of Sam Deal, The20119780761361770Ransom, Candice Farris
Light from Heaven20059780143037705Karon, Jan Meredith
Light in the Window, A19959780140254549Karon, Jan Meredith
Lightly Lies the Earth1955Turner, Orren Jack
Like a River Flowing1941Moore, Ida L.
Lilah and the Locket20079781594314537Leigh, Nikki
Line That Held Us, The20189780399574238Joy, David
Lion on the Hearth1961Ehle, Jr., John Marsden
Listen!20069780060579371Tolan, Stephanie S.
Literature in the Albemarle1915Pool, Bettie Freshwater
Little Brown Jug at Kildare, The1908Nicholson, Meredith
Little Carolina Blue Bonnet1933Pugh, Mabel
Little Did They Know20099780978934293Ketchie, Cotton
Little Fraid, Big Fraid1964Credle, Ellis
Little Jeemes Henry1936Credle, Ellis
Little Learning, A20089781590586501Tesh, Jane
Little Maid of Arcady, A18939781178997774Tiernan, Frances Christine Fisher
Little Miss Capo1946Gaither, Frances Ormond Jones
Little North Carolina20119781585365456Crane, Carol Mae
Little Pansy1890Rains, Martha Jane Peterson
Little Pockets of Alarm20099781599481654Meads, Kathy Ann
Little Sin, A1958Hardy, William Marion
Little Squire Jim1949Marshall, Robert K.
Little Turkle, The20069781949467048Van Dyken, Deborah
Littlejim19909780914875529Houston, Gloria
Littlejim's Dreams19979780152015091Houston, Gloria
Littlejim's Gift19949780698116566Houston, Gloria
Littlejohn19929781877946189Owen, Howard Wayne
Living Culture in Durham, A19879780932112248Hogan, Judy
Local Souls20139780871403797Gurganus, Allan
Locked Doors20059780312317997Crouch, Blake
Lodger, The19939780940884472Chappell, Fred Davis
Log Meeting-house and the McIlhanys, The1884Edwards, John Ellis
Logic of the Heart19829780671571726Browning, Dixie Burrus
Logs & Moonshine20009781878405296Tate, Suzanne
Lois Lane Tells All20109781416560272Hawkins, Karen A.
Long and Happy Life, A1962Price, Edward Reynolds
Long Hunt1930Boyd, James
Long Night Moon, The20099781935517009Towles, Elizabeth
Long Roll, The1911Johnston, Mary
Long Story Short20099780807859773Gingher, Marianne
Long Upon the Land20159781455545322Maron, Margaret B.
Long-Ago Stories of the Eastern Cherokee20089781596290310Arneach, Lloyd
Longest Ride, The20139781455520657Sparks, Nicholas
Look Away, Look Away1964Haas, Benjamin Leopold
Look Back All the Green Valley19999780312242152Chappell, Fred Davis
Look Homeward Angel1929Wolfe, Thomas Clayton
Lookaway, Lookaway20139781250020833Barnhardt, Wilton
Looking For Lydia20189781631030352Renegar, Michael;
Spease, Amy
Lorinda's Legacy20009781929202027Thomasson, Clarissa
Losing It20179781594634789Rathbone, Emma
Lost and the Lurking, The19819780425070239Wellman, Manly Wade
Lost Boys20059780061091315Card, Orson Scott
Lost Causes of Bleak Creek, The20199781984822130McLaughlin, Rhett James;
Neal, III, Charles Lincoln
Lost Citadel, The1954Mathis, Alexander
Lost Colony1953Bothwell, Jean
Lost Colony, The19649780445000810Marshall, Edison
Lost Colony in Fact and Legend, The19839780930230463Johnson, Frank Roy;
Parramore, Thomas C.
Lost Colony: A Symphonic Drama of American History, The19379780807849705Green, Paul Eliot
Lost Morning1936Heyward, DuBose Edwin
Lost Prince, The20139780765327888Lazellari, Edward
Lost Soul20039781591299752Rountree, Wendy Alexia
Lost Years, The19929780749901431Morgan, Diana
Louisiana1907Burnett, Frances Eliza Hodgson
Louisiana's Song20079780670061532Madden-Lunsford, Kerry
Love and a Bad Hair Day20039780380819362Flannigan, Annie
Love and Lament20139781590515877Thompson, John Milliken
Love at First Note20169781680479430Proctor, Jenny
Love at Morley Cove20119780803477148Thomas, Katrina
Love Comes Last1936Miller, Helen Topping
Love Finds You In Maiden, North Carolina20099781934770658Murray, Tamela Hancock
Love Finds You on Christmas Morning20119780373787906Mayne, Debby;
Perry, Trish
Love in Mid Air20109780446540438Wiley, Kim Wright
Love in the Mists1892Womble, Walter L.
Love is a Wound1952Hedden, Ella Worth Tuttle
Love Makes a Home: The Life of Rebecca Boone2016Kay, Kiesa
Love Me, Love Me Not20189781250137838Kozlowicz, Shannon M.
Love Song for Joyce1958Duncan, Lois
Love Valley20109781453695661Richter, Frances
Love, Or A Reasonable Facsimile19899780932112279Rogers, Gloree
Loved Honor More20129781432826192Wildwind, Sharon Grant
Lovell's Folly1833Hentz, Caroline Lee Whiting
Love's Tapestry1935Rollins, Kathleen
Loving Cee Cee Johnson20089780802462701Hargrove, Linda Leigh
Luck20009780393049121Martin, Eric B.
Lucky Mischief1949Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
Lucky One, The20089780446698344Sparks, Nicholas
Lucy and the Stone19949780373593309Browning, Dixie Burrus
Luna20080976387468Farago, Gina
Lunch at the Picadilly20031565121953Edgerton, Clyde Carlyle
Lusty Wind for Carolina1944Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Lynde Weiss1852Throop, George Higby
Mabel Gordon1901Dunlap, Roberta Kelly
MacIvor's Folly1925Herring, Donald Grant;
Kahler, Hugh MacNair
Mad as the Dickens20011575668386Kelner, Toni L. P.
Mad Dan, the Spy of 17761873Lewis, Charles Bertrand
Made for You20149780062011190Marr, Melissa
Madeline: or, A Commencement Proposal and What Came of It1898Rose, Duncan
Maggie Sweet200460538007Stacy, Judith Minthorn
Magic Circle, The1944Meyer, Gladys Eleanor
Magic of Topsail Island, The20109780615399744Zarse, Lindsay McAllister
Magic Pen, The1949Heagney, Anne
Magic Pin, The1956Forbus, Ina Bell
Magnolia Blossoms20109781606191774Sain, Leanna
Maid of the Mountains, A1906Paine, Dorothy Charlotte
Mailbox, The20109780781403696Whalen, Marybeth
Major Jones's Sketches of Travel18489781178119213Thompson, William Tappan
Makeovers Can Be Murder2009045122826XLilley, Kathryn
Making Corrections20189781980674719Whatley, Kay
Making of Isaac Hunt, The20079780802462695Hargrove, Linda Leigh
Maldonado Miracle, The19739780385084567Taylor, Theodore
Mama's Little Rascal1955Mozingo, Edgar
Mama Learns to Drive20050874837456Davis, Donald
Man in Black20169781611947274Hartness, John G.
Man Without A Friend, ADabbs, Ethel Thomas
Man You Could Call A Man, A20199781597151955Russell, David G.
Mandie and the Cherokee Legend19839780871233219Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Forbidden Attic19859780871238221Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Ghost Bandits19849780871234421Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Secret Tunnel19839780871233202Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Trunk's Secret19859780871238399Leppard, Lois Gladys
Manse Dwellers1927Little, Luther
Manteo1935Hartridge, Clifford Wayne
Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living, The20009780375407253Clark, Jr., Martin Fillmore
Many Roads Traveled: Or, Twenty Years In Bondage20159781503515284Morton-Young, Tommie
Maranatha Road20179781943665754Adams, Heather Bell
Marching On1927Boyd, James
Marcy, the Blockade-Runner1891Fosdick, Charles Austin
Marcy, the Refugee1892Fosdick, Charles Austin
Mariner's Bride, The19919780373286997Browning, Dixie Burrus
Mark on My Soul, A20199780998391380Greene, Jordon
Marriage Game, The20079780743477451Kuczkir, Mary
Marrow of Tradition, The1901Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
Marrying Kind, The20129781601628343Miller, Monique
Marthy Lou's Kiverlid1937Hyatt, Rebecca Dougherty
Marty and Company1933Knox, Rose Bell
Mary Barker, A Thrilling Story of the Early Settlement of Randolph County1852Craven, Braxton
Masquerade, The1947Micheaux, Oscar Devereaux
Master Craftsman, The20089781932158816Hopkins, Lila
Master of Appleby, The1902Lynde, Francis
Master of L'Etrange, The1886Baker, Emma Eugene Hall
Master of the Red Buck and the Bay Doe, The1913Hill, William Laurie
Master of the World1914Verne, Jules Gabriel
Matilda's Buttons1948Hunt, Mabel Leigh
Matter of Blood, A20159781516893638Turner, Kermit
Matter of Timing, A19879780373085279Browning, Dixie Burrus
Mattie's Girl20029780741411006Miles, Celia H.
Maura's Trunk20041413737935Walker, Susan Eileen
Me an' Ole Kate, and Other Christmas Stories1957Peace, Samuel Thomas
Me and Emma2005778320820Flock, Elizabeth
Me and My Baby View the Eclipse19909780345368737Smith, Lee
Mean Streak20149781455581146Brown, Sandra
Meaning of Birds, The20199780062824448Brown, Jaye Robin
Meant for You20199781532070488Hamilton, Pandora Frank
Meet, The1972Reddy, Thomas James
Meggy MacIntosh1930Vining, Elizabeth Janet Gray
Meister King of Burnt Orange, The20099781934936207Alston, E. B.
Memory Book, The20029780849917066Stokes, Penelope J.
Memory Can be Murder19959780425147726Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
Memory of Black Mountain College, A1969Wieners, John Joseph
Memory of Fire20029780380818372Lisle, Holly
Memory Thief, The20129780345530394Colin, Emily Anne
Men of Albemarle1942Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Mercy Forever1954Moore, Bertha Belle
Message in a Bottle19989780446676076Sparks, Nicholas
Messages from a Distant Star20019780970156617Wilhelm, Helen Sanford
Mezzo Wore Mink, The20089780972121194Schweizer, Mark
Middle of the Air, The20099780895873712Butcher, Kenneth
Midnight Frost20139780758281494Estep, Jennifer
Midnight Paws20139781482031867Myers, Tim
Midwife's Confession, The20119780778329862Chamberlain, Diane
Midwinter20089780978526559Stanley, Maurice F.
Millennium20109780982941324Stump, Phyllis
Millionaire's Row19969780451188526Katkov, Norman
Ming and I, The19979780380792559Myers, Tamar
Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break, The20009780895871978Sherrill, Steven
Mirrors of Bensboro, The1925Cotten, Bruce
Miscalculations of Lightning Girl, The20189781524767600McAnulty, Stacy
Miss Delicia Allen1933Johnston, Mary
Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile20110060291559Houston, Gloria
Miss Julia’s Marvelous Makeover20149780670026111Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia’s School of Beauty20059780143036708Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Delivers the Goods20099780670020652Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Hits the Road20039780142004043Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Inherits a Mess20169780525427124Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two20209780525560517Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Lays Down the Law20159780525427094Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Meets Her Match20049780143034858Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Paints the Town20089780143114635Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Renews Her Vows20109780143118565Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle20119780143120438Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind19999780688177751Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Stands Her Ground20069780143038559Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Stirs up Trouble20139780670026104Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Strikes Back20079780143113300Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Takes Over20019780142000892Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Takes the Wheel20199780525560487Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Throws a Wedding20029780142002711Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia to the Rescue20129780143122814Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Weathers the Storm20179780735220478Ross, Ann B.
Miss Sue and the Sheriff1941House, Robert Burton
Missing Head Mystery, The19809780935326017Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
MISSING! A Topsail Turtle Tale2011Zarse, Lindsay McAllister
Missing, Presumed Wed20091594147876Wildwind, Sharon Grant
Misty Flats: A Tale of Sin and Redemption20139781434929716Avery, Frank Walton
Mitchell's Peak20030972956832Dellinger, Robert
Mitford Snowmen, The20019780670030194Karon, Jan Meredith
Mixed Signals20129781464200625Tesh, Jane
Mobile Acres20079781425982812Jacobs, Joyce M.
Moccasin Tracks1960Street, Julia Montgomery
Mold For Murder, A20079780425214879Myers, Tim
Monday Mourning20049780743453011Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Monet Talks20050060535172Myers, Tamar
Money Island1908Howell, Andrew Jackson, Jr.
Money to Burn1999380800632Munger, Katy
Money, Love20010393322181Barkley, Brad
Monsters in Appalachia20169781943665396Monks, Sheryl
Moon and More, The20139780670785605Dessen, Sarah
Moon Pool, The20089780312371593Deutermann, Peter Thomas
Moon Women2001385335180Duncan, Pamela Y.
Moonflower1954Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
Moonlight on the Nantahala20129781466345980Rivers, Micheal
Moonrise20139781940210001King, Cassandra
Moonshadow of Cherry Mountain19820590078291Smith, Doris Buchanan
Moonshine1926Oertel, John Frederick
Moonshine1924Abernethy, Arthur Talmage
Moonshiner's Daughter, The20209781496717030Everhart, Donna
More to Love20019780373763726Browning, Dixie Burrus
Moss Gown19870899194605Hooks, William Harris
Moss on the North Side1966Wilkinson, Sylvia Jean
Motel of the Stars, The20089781932511666McElmurray, Karen Salyer
Mother and Two Daughters, A19829780670490219Godwin, Gail Kathleen
Mother Love19870374213747Flynt, Candace Lambeth
Motherhood: Lost and Found20139780615915371Campanella, Ann
Motherless Child20149780765337450Hirshberg, Glen
Motorcycle Chums in the Land of the Sky1912Lincoln, Andrew Carey
Mountain Boy1947Bell, Thelma Harrington
Mountain Girl1912Erskine, Emma Payne
Mountain Mating1954Parker, Marion
Mountain Myth20069780871525529Garren, Terrell T.
Mountain Peril20109780373443918Robbins, Sandra
Mountain Splendor20079781595130501Stern, Peggy Poe
Mountain Valor19940698113837Houston, Gloria
Mountains Between Us20149781621086604Proctor, Jenny
Mountains Won't Remember Us, The19929780743204217Morgan, Robert Ray
Mountain-White Heroine, A1889Gilmore, James Roberts
Mourner's Bench, The19989780688157999Dodd, Susan Mooney
Mourning Parade, The20179781944995232Langley, Dawn Reno
Move Over, Mountain19589780979304989Ehle, Jr., John Marsden
Moves Make the Man, The19849780060206987Brooks, Bruce
Movie Knight2011Hartness, John G.
Mr. G Strings Alone1944Wilder, Robert Ingersoll
Mr. Lucky20050345475445Swain, James
Mr. Nosey1945Hooks, Arah Lucy
Multiple Listing19989780440225515Grant, Anne Underwood
Murder and Misdeeds20079780979686610Goodman, Helen
Murder at the Azalea Festival20040373266588Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder at the Bellamy Mansion20100373267223Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder at Blue Falls20061932158758Bishop, Maggie
Murder at Hatteras20100979665531Ellis, Joe C.
Murder at the Holiday Flotilla20100975540483Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder at Ocracoke20179780979665578Ellis, Joe C.
Murder at Whalehead20070979665507Ellis, Joe C.
Murder at Wrightsville Beach20050373266677Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder Checks Inn20030425188582Myers, Tim
Murder Goes Rolling Along1942Moore, Harry F. S.
Murder Goes Rolling Along1942Moore, Harry F. S.
Murder in Caney Fork20149781611944167Avett, Wally
Murder in Eden20059781591331087Goodman, Helen
Murder in the Marsh20169780986325229Whitford, Sara
Murder in Passing, A20139781464201493de Castrique, Mark
Murder on the Candlelight Tour20040373266472Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the Cape Fear20070373267088Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the Ghost Walk20040373266936Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the ICW20060975540440Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the OBX20061424132746Maus, Henrietta Ford
Murder on the Outer Banks20129780979665547Ellis, Joe C.
Music of Ghosts20139780738735849Bissell, Sallie
Music of Home, The20079781597890106Murray, Tamela Hancock
Musician, The19879780876856987Shelnutt, Eve
Mustang Gray1858Clemens, Jeremiah
My "Budie" and I18999781273532573Thornton, Marcellus Eugene
My Days with Nell20139781935130475Blake, Victoria S
My Drowning19971565121414Grimsley, Jim
My Great-Aunt Arizona19920064433749Houston, Gloria
My Heart's In The Hills1956Kroll, Harry Harrison
My Journey To Appalachia20049780914875314Wilson, Eleanor Lambert
My Life in Brasstown20099780914875574Wilson, Eleanor Lambert
My Old True Love20041565124073Adams, Sheila Kay
My Sister's Keeper20070975870033Benners, Bill
My Southern Friends1863Gilmore, James Roberts
Mysterious Rifleman; A Story of the American Revolution, The1921Tomlinson, Everett Titsworth
Mystery at Kill Devil Hills, The20039780635020949Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
Mystery Lady, The1925Chambers, Robert William
Mystery of Biltmore House, The19829780935326079Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
Mystery of Blackbeard the Pirate, The20039780635016485Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
Mystery of the Lost Colony, The19839781556091827Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
N is for North Carolina20079781581736250Sullivan, Ellen J.
Nag's Head1850Throop, George Higby
Naked and Hungry20119781932158939Memory, Ashley Thomas
Naked Came the Leaf Peeper20119780965865777Barrett, Linda Marie;
Caldwell, Wayne;
Chappell, Fred Davis;
Cheek, Gene;
Clapsaddle, Annette Saunooke;
Earley, Tony L.;
Gratz, Alan;
Names and Faces of Heroes, The1963Price, Edward Reynolds
Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale20139780986030031Redding, Sandra
Native Son Who Loses His Identity, The1924Selders, Adelbert
Necessary Lies20139781250010698Chamberlain, Diane
Never Too Late20079780764200434Phillips, Michael Ray
New Bern: 1710 in the Carolinas20099780615281315Waters, Jimmy Cherokee
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New Frontier, The1959Hunter, Kermit Houston
New Song, A20009780140270594Karon, Jan Meredith
New Southern Gentleman, The20029780972178600Booth, Jim
Next to Last Mistake, The20199781611532647Jahn, Amalie
Nick Baba's Last Drink and Others Sketches1879Goff, George Paul
Night Dance19909780822208198Price, Edward Reynolds
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Night the New Jesus Fell to Earth and Other Stories from Cliffside, North Carolina, The19949780930769116Rash, Ron
Night of the Weeping Women, The19889780871131874Naumoff, Lawrence
Night Train, The20119780316117593Edgerton, Clyde Carlyle
Night Travellers, The19919780807127926Spencer, Elizabeth
Night Visions20040060594624Fahy, Thomas
Night, Sleep, and the Dreams of Lovers20189781940605975Hopes, David Brendan
Nightmare in Shining Armor2001038081191XMyers, Tamar
Nights in Rodanthe20029780593048283Sparks, Nicholas
Nightwalker, The19849780899197326Hurmence, Belinda
Nightwoods20119781400067091Frazier, Charles Robinson
Nitchey Tilley1934Helton, Roy Addison
No Hiding Place19999781878086693Gaillard, Frye;
Inman, Robert Frederick;
Rogers, Amy T.
No One Is Coming to Save Us20179780062472984Watts, Stephanie Powell
No Other Lover Will Do20109780758247094Hodges, Cheris F.
No Place To Fall20149780062270993Brown, Jaye Robin
No River Too Wide20149780778316343Richards, Emilie
Noble Norfleet20029780641678868Price, Edward Reynolds
Nobody's Angel20139781601627582Miller, Monique
Nor the Battle to the Strong20079781929490332Price, Charles Fred
Nora's Dream2008Sullivan, Jeanie
North Carolina in the Short Story1948Walser, Richard Gaither
North Carolina Indian Legends and Myths19810930230434Johnson, Frank Roy
North Carolina Miscellany, The19629780807879573Walser, Richard Gaither
North Carolina Murder & Mayhem20199781467143561Jackson, Richard
North Carolina Night Before Christmas, The20069781581733945Sullivan, Ellen J.
North Carolina Sketches1900Carter, Mary Nelson
North Carolina Treasury of Wit, Wisdom, and Wisecracks, A20069780972339698Best, Mary
North Carolina Weddings20081602601119Lehman, Yvonne
Not Our Kind of Killing20139781622680399Terrell, Joseph L. S.
Not Waving20010942979842Meads, Kathy Ann
Notebook, The19969780446520805Sparks, Nicholas
Nothing Gold Can Stay20139780062202710Rash, Ron
Novellettes of a Traveller: Volume 11983Nott, Henry Junius
Novellettes of a Traveller: Volume 21834Nott, Henry Junius
Now You See It20139781464201967Tesh, Jane
Nowhere Else on Earth2000670891762Humphreys, Josephine
Nowhere, Carolina20109781601421678Leigh, Tamara
Nuclear Apples?20169780701117092Hogan, Judy
Number Thirty-Six1933Johnson, Gerald White
Nut-Cracker-Nut1988Guralnick, June
O. B. Hardison, Jr. at Chapel HillMills, Jerry Leath
Oblivion1885McClelland, Margaret Greenway
Ocracoke Between the Storms20139780895876102Norvell, Edward P.
Odds of Getting Even, The20179780142426166Turnage, Sheila
Of Time and the River1935Wolfe, Thomas Clayton
Off For the Sweet Hereafter19860671614371Pearson, Thomas Reid
Oh, Promised Land!19929780962119439Shaw, Bynum Gillette
Old Bethesda1933Butler, Bion H
Old Gods Waken, The19799780385148078Wellman, Manly Wade
Old Lim Jucklin1905Read, Opie Percival
Old Man and the Boy, The1957Ruark, Jr., Robert Chester
Old Man's Boy Grows Older, The1961Ruark, Jr., Robert Chester
Old Man's Gold and Other Stories19769780807812570Pierce, Ovid Williams
Old Moat Farm: A Story of Queen Elizabeth's Days, The1905Pollard, Eliza Fanny
Old Pines and Other Stories1952Boyd, James
Old Sea Captain and the Drummer, The1950Meekins, Daniel Victor
Old Wounds2007440243599Lane, Vicki
Older Than Goodbye20149781432829490Helms, Richard W.
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All19899780375726637Gurganus, Allan
On the 7th Day God Created the Chevrolet19839780945575139Wilkinson, Sylvia Jean
On Account of Conspicuous Women20080312379978Shamp, Dawn
On Agate Hill20069781565125773Smith, Lee
On Golden Hinges1917Townsend, Metta Folger
On Guard! Against Tory and Tarleton1902True, John Preston
On a Lonesome Porch1960Pierce, Ovid Williams
On the Midnight Tide1957Tracy, Donald Fiske
On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon19980399142991Gibbons, Kaye
On a Rising Tide20061420878492Triebe, Richard H.
On Silver Creek Knob1939Moore, Bertha Belle
On These Shores1985Barbour, Ruth Peeling
One, The20109781935586142Flinn, Mary
One and Twenty1945Blackburn, William Maxwell
One Fell Swoop20071595543996Boyd, Virginia
One Kind Favor20219781732982031McIlvoy, Kevin
One Last Goodbye20009780803494381Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
One Man Backfield1953Leonard, Burgess
One Mountain Away20129780778313557Richards, Emilie
One Night with You20070373860080Johnson-Acsadi, Gwynne
One Second After20099780765317582Forstchen, William R.
One Shot Too Many20111932158952Bishop, Maggie
One Who Waits For Me, The20119780736930185Copeland, Lori
One Word, and a Tear1875Peterson, Belle
One Year After20159780765376701Forstchen, William R.
Only a Factory Boy1914Dabbs, Ethel Thomas
Oral History19839780399127946Smith, Lee
Ordered Steps1940Moore, Bertha Belle
Organist Wore Pumps, The20109780984484607Schweizer, Mark
Orville Hicks: Mountain Stories, Mountain Roots20059781933251028
Other Fires1940McCabe, John Nicholas
Other Side of Silence, The20079781933523248Terrell, Joseph L. S.
Otway Burns, Firebrand of 18121969Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Ouaneetee: Legend of Sunset Mountain1902011679Ake, Eli D.
Our Words, Our Ways19910890894019Buckner, Sally Beaver
Out of the Mist2003743464737Ross, JoAnn
Out of My Mind2008Webb, Mena Fuller
Out of Time1998380791382Munger, Katy
Out on the Sound20109781442135857Bradshaw, Rebecca Elizabeth
Out to Canaan1997140265686Karon, Jan Meredith
Outer Banks19919780060538064Siddons, Anne Rivers
Outer Banks Mysteries and Seaside Stories19789780895870063Whedbee, Charles Harry
Outer Banks, A Test of Faith20099781607493921Omer, Kent E.
Overwash of Evil20119781933523750Terrell, Joseph L. S.
Owls Hoot in the Daytime and Other Omens20039781892389237Wellman, Manly Wade
Paging the Dead20139781451661866Witchger, Brenda
Paging the Dead20149781451661873
Paint it Black20159781611943566Hartness, John G.
Pale as the Moon19991928556027Smith, Donna Campbell
Pale as the Moon (3rd edition)20139781491287699Smith, Donna Campbell
Pale Blue20121611090598Meinecke, Thomas
Paper Angels20111451606192Thrasher, Travis;
Wayne, Jimmy
Paper Covers Rock20119780385740555Hubbard, Jenny
Parlous Angels20099780982441640Southern, Ed
Passing Strange20020375506136MacLeod, Sally
Past is Never Dead, The20049780895872906Schulman, David
Path of Freedom20139781426752636Taylor, Jennifer Hudson
Paths of Glory, The20099781439229668Vaughn, Edward
Pathway to Freedom1994Sumner, Mark Reese
Patriot in the Saddle1945Nolan, Jeannette Covert
Pay, Pack and Follow1959Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Peach Keeper, The20119780553807226Allen, Sarah Addison
Peacock Hill1961Dern, Peggy
Peanut1951Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Peanut Butter Mascot1953Olds, Helen Diehl
Peanuts for Billy Ben1952Lenski, Lois Lenore
Pearl's Pork Palace and Other Stories from Flynn's Crossing20059780972339681Thompson, Bill
Pedestals20069781590804261Shoup, Jane
Pelican Island Pharmacy20159781480821590Sleath, Betsy Hess
Pelican Point20091440150885Quinn, Douglas
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