Literature in County: Wake

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27 Views of Raleigh20139780983247555Barnhardt, Wilton
60 Hikes within 60 Miles, Raleigh20019780897323321Setzer, Lynn
Alex Charles: Dreams in Time20119780615491288Reynolds, Kim
All the Songs We Sing20209781949467338
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas in Wake County, North Carolina2003LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
Animal Tales From the Old North State1938Cobb, Lucy Maria;
Hicks, Mary Aileen
Apex20099780738566382Monahan, Sherry
Biography of a Country Church1950Hendricks, Garland Alford
Birth and Death of a Camp1919Olds, Fred A
Blue Calhoun20009780684867823Price, Edward Reynolds
Bug Funeral, The2004312322186Shaber, Sarah Rock
Caleb, My Son1956Daniels, Lucy Cathcart
Called, The20109781930846630Rochelle, Warren G.
Captain Saturday20029780316415026Inman, Robert Frederick
Cary20119780738586953Monahan, Sherry
Celeste's Harlem Renaissance20079780316523943Tate, Eleanora E.
Centennial Ceremonies Held in Christ Church Parish, Raleigh, North Carolina1922Haywood, Marshall DeLancey
Charms for the Easy Life19939780399137914Gibbons, Kaye
Chicken Boy20059781416934820Dowell, Frances O'Roark
Christmas Tree that Flew to Fayetteville Street, The1971Rust, Rebecca Ball
City of Raleigh, The1887Amis, Moses Neal
Classic, The20119780983682523Bradsher, Bethany
Comfort Me with Apples19899780935400168Snow, A. C.
Crossroads19849780935400106Rogers, Dennis
Cullom Lantern, The1963Blackmore, James Harold
David Paton1909Ashe, Samuel A'Court
Days of Bondage1883Jones, Friday
Deadly Dose20089780425221969Lamb, Amanda
Desegregating Cary, North Carolina20099780578046242Van Scoyoc, Peggy
Do Unto Others and Then Run20009780935400403Saunders, Barry
Dust of Snow, A19809780935400045Snow, A. C.
Early Methodist Meeting Houses in Wake County, North Carolina1979Grill, Charles Franklin
Edenton Street : Edenton Street United Methodist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1811-20112011McDowell, Sue
Editor in Politics19419780807873380Daniels, Josephus
Enduring Destiny20199781732023628Patel, Shaila
Esther Wake1913Vermont, Adolph
Evil Next Door20109780425233344Lamb, Amanda
Exposure20119780345515537Fowler, Therese Anne
Eye of the Beholder20019780967652832Pate, Jeff
Felonious Jazz20099781442173088Gilmer, Bryan
Fighting Fate20189781732023604Patel, Shaila
Garner20039780738515922Whaley, Kaye Buffaloe
General Benjamin Smith20119780786461561Watson, Alan Douglas
Gift To The Eye And More, A20089781599830643Turnage, Leceila
Gleanings From Long Ago1933Mordecai, Ellen
Go Wolfpack!19819780873971799Mumau, Thad
Good Father, The20129780778313465Chamberlain, Diane
Good Neighborhood: A Novel, A20209781250237279Fowler, Therese Anne
Good News From Outer Space19899780312931780Kessel, John Joseph Vincent
Great Promise, The1946Houston, Noel
Guide to the Hall of History of North Carolina1914Olds, Fred A
Guilt of August Fielding, The19710812813790Tucker, Helen Beckwith
Hall of History, The1949Jordan, Joye Esch
Hardscrabble, as We Were1982Green, Charlotte Hilton
Harvest of Changelings20079781930846463Rochelle, Warren G.
Have You Seen Her?20049780446612814Rose, Karen
Haven on the Hill20109780865263321O'Rorke, Marjorie Lehman
Having Our Say19939781568360102Delaney, Annie Elizabeth;
Delaney, Sarah Louise
Her Church and Her Mother1860Mason, Mary Ann Bryan
Historic Raleigh20029780738514406Kulikowski, Jennifer A.;
Peters, Kenneth E.
Historical Raleigh from Its Foundation in 17921902Amis, Moses Neal
History of the Sandwich Club of Raleigh20119780578081564Kulikowski, Jennifer A.;
Murray, Raymond L.
History of St. Augustine's College, 1867-1937, A1937Halliburton, Cecil D.
History of Wake County, North Carolina1922Chamberlain, G. Hope Summerell
Holly Springs20089780738554419Town of Holly Springs,
Holly Springs20089780738567488Town of Holly Springs,
Home Grown19799780935400021Rogers, Dennis
Images of Man: Studies in Religion and Anthropology19849780865541245Angell, John William;
Banks, E. Pendleton
It's Bad News When The Bartender Cries19889780935400144Rogers, Dennis
Joel Lane, Pioneer and Patriot1900Haywood, Marshall DeLancey
Just a Horse-Stopping Place20069781411669925Van Scoyoc, Peggy
Killer Frost20129780983682387Hogan, Judy
Killer's Wife, The20080312373392Floyd, Bill
Knightdale20149781467120265Ramm, Wanda;
Wilder, W. A.
Last Lessons of Summer20039780446614221Maron, Margaret B.
Leader of the Pack20099780982165249Zonars, Stephanie
Learning to Slow Dance20139781622680191Terrell, Joseph L. S.
Legendary Locals of Raleigh20139781467100632Souter, Stormi;
Weichel, Elizabeth
Little Brown Jug at Kildare, The1908Nicholson, Meredith
Little Carolina Blue Bonnet1933Pugh, Mabel
Love Finds You on Christmas Morning20119780373787906Mayne, Debby;
Perry, Trish
Morrisville20089780738553337Dollar, Ernest
Mourning Parade, The20179781944995232Langley, Dawn Reno
My Own, My Country's Time19839912697024Royster, Vermont Connecticut
Naked19979780316777735Sedaris, David
Narrative of Lunsford Lane, Formerly of Raleigh, N. C.1842Lane, Lunsford
NC State Basketball20109780807834473Peeler, Tim;
Winstead, Roger
North Carolina State University20059780738518169Salsi, Lynn;
Salsi, Jr., Burke
Nurturing the Vision20129780881462838
On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon19980399142991Gibbons, Kaye
Paul Green I Know, The1978Green, Elizabeth Atkinson Lay
Pedestals20069781590804261Shoup, Jane
Perfect Timing1991Williams, Philip Lee
Personae1972Wilson, Sidney Ann
Phantom of the Foul Lines1952Leonard, Burgess
Plow and Scapel1953Glascock, Harold
Poems1939Stockard, Henry Jerome
Poole's: Recipes and Stories20169781607746874Christensen, Ashley
Preliminary Study of Government Management in North Carolina, A1950Cheek, Roma Sawyer
Promise Between Us, The20189781542048989White, Barbara Claypole
Public Letters and Papers of Thomas Walter Bickett1923House, Robert Burton
Race Attitudes at North Carolina State College1932Burch, Viola Seltz
Racing Hearts20120373862873Monkou, Michelle
Raleigh19921878086154Lancaster, Marshall
Raleigh and the State of North Carolina: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know20119781439600962Jerome, Kate Boehm
Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting20039780738515120Legeros, Michael John
Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting: Volume II20049780738516202Legeros, Michael John
Raleigh City of Oaks: An Illustrated History19969780738568256Vickers, James
Raleigh for the People19889780917631061Henderson, Chip
Raleigh, North Carolina: A Brief History20091596296380Mobley, Joe A.
Raleigh, the Shepherd of the Ocean1920Koch, Frederick Henry
Raleigh: North Carolina's Capital City on Postcards19969780738568720Anderson, Norman D.;
Fowler, B. T.
Raleigh's Reynolds Coliseum20029780738514413Chappelow, Craig
Recent Studies in Ralegh1985Mills, Jerry Leath
Red Cross and The War, The1918Winston, Sr., Robert Watson
Richard Arrow Smith of Wake Co., North Carolina and His Descendants19939781556137631Blackwell, Rebecca L.;
Graham, Crama S.
Rowena's Happy Summer1912Robinson, Celia Myrover
Ryan Adams: Losering, a Story of Whiskeytown20129780292725843Menconi, David
School of Textiles, N. C. State College, The1951Hart, Thomas Roy
Second Chance at Happiness20109780982853900McFarland, Sherry J.
Second Hand20119780615494982Campbell, K. Robert
Second Harvest19819780935400083Rogers, Dennis
Shadowplay20079781590805435Shoup, Jane
Shell Game2007312356021Shaber, Sarah Rock
Shirt-Sleeve Diplomat1947Daniels, Josephus
Simon Said1997312965559Shaber, Sarah Rock
Sins of the Father: A Romance of the South, The1912Dixon, Jr., Thomas W.
Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story20199780735218826Tobia, Jacob
Snow Flurries19859780935400137Snow, A. C.
Soil Survey of the Cary Area1901Coffey, George Nelson
Soil Survey of Wake County1916Brinkley, Lon Leland
Soulmated20179781944816643Patel, Shaila
Southerner Discovers New England, A1940Daniels, Jonathan Worth
Southerner Discovers the South, A1938Daniels, Jonathan Worth
Step Ball Change20020609610031Ray, Jeanne
Strolling at State1973Schumann, Marguerite
Tar Heel Editor1939Daniels, Josephus
Theft by Finding: Diaries20179780316154727Sedaris, David
Three Minutes to Midnight20179780786035427Tata, Anthony J.
Tilt 6820079781419643606Colton, Sarah
Tobacco Auction Murders, The1954Turner, Robert Harry
V: The Crivit Experiment19859780523424668Wold, Allen L.
Vernal Dune1913Baker, Emma Eugene Hall
Victory Pass1950Leonard, Burgess
Vines of Entanglement20159781426795442Carter, Lisa
Wake Forest20089780738553795Smart, Jennifer
Wake Forest20089780738525358Smart, Jennifer
Wilson Era, The1944Daniels, Josephus
Wilson Era: Years of War and After, 1917-1923, The1946Daniels, Josephus
With a Woman's Voice20019781568332505Daniels, Lucy Cathcart
Wolfe Family in Raleigh, The1976Walser, Richard Gaither
You're Invited: Please Join Us for a Celebration of North Carolina's Finest Recipes19989780963171030Junior League of Raleigh,