Literature in County: Rutherford

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Across Two Centuries2003Lattimore, Robin Spencer
As By Fire1939Moore, Bertha Belle
Autumn on Breezy Hill1956Moore, Bertha Belle
Black Top1956Moore, Bertha Belle
Blue Star, The2008316199079Earley, Tony L.
Catching Fire20189780692178058Senehi, Rose
Centennial History of Pleasant Grove Methodist Church, 1838-19381938Griffin, Clarence Wilbur
Chimney Rock and Rutherford County20029780738514833Davis, Anita Price;
Hambright, Barry Edmond
Chimney Rock Park and Hickory Nut Gorge20089780738553177Cole, J. Timothy
Cliffside: Portrait of a Carolina Mill Town20059780738541600Bailey, Alfred Reno
Cliffside: Portrait of a Carolina Mill Town20059780738541600
Colfax Township20119780738586915Davis, Anita Price;
Rhyne, Mike;
Withrow, Scott G.
Columns & Porches20099780977053162Lattimore, Robin Spencer
County Government and County Affairs in Rutherford County, N.C.1925Wager, Paul Woodford
Dan and Jack Find a Pal1955Moore, Bertha Belle
Dancing on Rocks20149780615895055Senehi, Rose
Doctor Happy1938Moore, Bertha Belle
Forest City20059780738542188Davis, Anita Price;
Walker, James M.
Forest City Lynching of 1900, The20030786416238Cole, J. Timothy
Girl of the Listening Heart, The1937Moore, Bertha Belle
History of Old Tryon and Rutherford Counties, North Carolina, 1730-19361937Griffin, Clarence Wilbur
History of Rutherford County, 1937-19511952Griffin, Clarence Wilbur
Home to the Hills1944Wright, Watkins Eppes
Horse-Shoe Robinson1835Kennedy, John Pendleton
How Zach Came to College1903Clinkscales, John George
Jim the Boy20009780316198950Earley, Tony L.
Laborers Together1952Moore, Bertha Belle
Lake Lure20139780738598437Proctor, Jim
Legendary Locals of Rutherford County20139781467100649Davis, Anita Price
Making of a Southern Industrialist, The1952Johnson, Gerald White
Night the New Jesus Fell to Earth and Other Stories from Cliffside, North Carolina, The19949780930769116Rash, Ron
Old Rutherfordton20069780977053124Lattimore, Robin Spencer
Public Officials of Rutherford County, N.C., 1779-19341934Griffin, Clarence Wilbur
Real Heroes20029781885354112Davis, Anita Price
Rumbling Mountain of Hickory Nut Gap, The1990Cole, J. Timothy
Rutherford County and Its Hospital1960Washburn, Benjamin Earle
Rutherford County in the Korean War20069781596291096Davis, Anita Price;
Walker, James M.
Rutherford County in World War II20039780738515267Davis, Anita Price;
Walker, James M.
Rutherford Hospital20059780977053100Lattimore, Robin Spencer
Semi-Centennial History of First Methodist Church, Forest City1939Griffin, Clarence Wilbur
Soil Survey of Rutherford County1928Davidson, Samuel Fred;
Davis, William Anderson;
Jurney, Robert Campbell;
Lee, William Daniel
Spindale2009Lattimore, Robin Spencer
Spring on Breezy Hill1952Moore, Bertha Belle
Star Flight19939780517594995Whitney, Phyllis Ayame
Strength of the Hills1952Moore, Bertha Belle
Summer on Breezy Hill1955Moore, Bertha Belle
Then and Now: Reminscence and Historical Romance 1856-18651856Morrow, Decatur Franklin
These, My People1942Moore, Bertha Belle
Through the Years2010Lattimore, Robin Spencer
To Higher Ground: A Biography of High Shoal Baptist Church19869781391669250Hendricks, Garland Alford
Touch of Polly Tucker, The1952Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Go to Camp, The1955Moore, Bertha Belle