Literature in County: New Hanover

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27 Views of Wilmington20159780989609234Rivenbark, Celia
Airlie20019780971711204Block, Susan Taylor
Along the Cape Fear19989780738567402Block, Susan Taylor
An Abbreviated Sketch: Colonial Brunswick and Wilmington2000Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
Battle for North Carolina, The20081439200610Hester, Robert W.
Belles & Blooms20049780967041032Block, Susan Taylor
Besieged20179780786039517Tata, Anthony J.
Blood Rains20099781608604555Harvey, Wyatt
Book of Wilmington, The1930Howell, Andrew Jackson, Jr.
Bottle Chapel at Airlie Gardens, The20089780979140365Block, Susan Taylor;
Wharton, Fred
Breathing20099780670011230Herbsman, Cheryl Renèe
Bride of a Thousand Cedars1939Lancaster, Bruce
Camp Follower20089780978526542
Camp Follower20089780978526542Adair, Suzanne;
Williams, Suzanne
Cape Fear Lost19999780738501925Block, Susan Taylor
Cape Fear Murders20039781928556411Canada, Wanda
Cape Fear Rising19949780895871084Gerard, Philip
Carolina Beach20079780738544236Henson, Elaine Blackmon
Carolina Beach20129780738592367Wheatley, Lois Carol
Cecilia's Harvest20099780978526566Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
Character Factory, The1996Block, Susan Taylor
Child of the South20099780425226025Scott, Joanna Catherine
Christmas Wedding20079780975540466Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Confederate Goliath19919780807131527Gragg, Rod
Crow20129780375869280Wright, Barbara
Curious Tales from Old Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear20219780998411583Fonvielle, Jr., Chris
Daughters of the Sea20059781889199139Bache, Ellyn
Day of Blood, A20099780865263444Umfleet, LeRae Sikes
Dead Man's Clothes20129781479371709Comer, Perry
Dear John20069780446618304Sparks, Nicholas
Democracy Betrayed19989780807847558Cecelski, David S.;
Tyson, Timothy B.
Experience of Thomas Jones, The1854Jones, Thomas H.
Faces of Fort Fisher, 1861-186420149780979243196Fonvielle, Jr., Chris
Festival in Fire Season19969780963596765Bache, Ellyn
Fires of Pride, The2003786712236Trotter, Jr., William R.
Fort Fisher 1865: The Photographs of T.H. O'Sullivan20119780979243189Fonvielle, Jr., Chris
Fort Fisher to Elmira20109781453687369Triebe, Richard H.
Fort Fisher; or, The Thunder of Siege Guns1882Harbaugh, Thomas Chalmers
From Log Cabin to the Pulpit, or Fifteen Years in Slavery1913Robinson, William H.
Fumbler1928Russell, Charles Phillips
Ghosts of Old Wilmington2006Hirchak, John
Glory at Wilmington: The Battle of Forks Road20209780998411545Fonvielle, Jr., Chris
Grains of Sand20079781425780890Lloyd, Shelby Adams
Hanover1901Fulton, David Bryant
Historic Photos of Wilmington20089781596524422Dudley, Wade G.
History of First Presbyterian Church, A1951Howell, Andrew Jackson, Jr.
History of the Hanover Seaside Club1991Hutteman, Ann Hewlett
History of New Hanover County and the Lower Cape Fear Region 1723-1800, A1906Waddell, Alfred Moore
If Not for You19999780803493438Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
If You Lived Here20079780061130496Sachs, Dana
Information and Statistics Respecting Wilmington, North Carolina1883Sprunt, James
Island Murders20019781928556268Canada, Wanda
Jacob's Run20079780978526528Beshears, John;
Zeller, Bob
Last Great Snake Show, The19970399142800McLaurin, Tim
Last Song, The20099780446547567Sparks, Nicholas
Legends of Old Wilmington & Cape Fear20149781626194632Hirchak, John
Liberty Boys After Cornwallis, The1905Moore, Harry
Louis Froelich: Arms-Maker to the Confederacy20089780979243141Fonvielle, Jr., Chris
Luke Grady of New Hanover County, North Carolina2000Brown, Marvin A.
Maritime Wilmington20149781467121767Tetterton, Beverly
Marrow of Tradition, The1901Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
MEET the Help: True Stories of Domestics20139781434937384Bellamy, Rhonda;
Todd, Bertha Boykin
Meggy MacIntosh1930Vining, Elizabeth Janet Gray
Memory Thief, The20129780345530394Colin, Emily Anne
Message in a Bottle19989780446676076Sparks, Nicholas
Michael Jordan: Before the Legend19999780965516419Parker, Bobby
Michael Jordan: The Life20149781478927662Lazenby, Roland
Midwife's Confession, The20119780778329862Chamberlain, Diane
Money Island1908Howell, Andrew Jackson, Jr.
Moon Pool, The20089780312371593Deutermann, Peter Thomas
Murder at the Azalea Festival20040373266588Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder at the Bellamy Mansion20100373267223Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder at the Holiday Flotilla20100975540483Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder at Wrightsville Beach20050373266677Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the Candlelight Tour20040373266472Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the Cape Fear20070373267088Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the Ghost Walk20040373266936Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the ICW20060975540440Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
My Sister's Keeper20070975870033Benners, Bill
Mysterious Rifleman; A Story of the American Revolution, The1921Tomlinson, Everett Titsworth
Mystical Magical Amazing Fantastical Gardens of Airlie, The20169781597151320Russell, Anne
Native Son Who Loses His Identity, The1924Selders, Adelbert
New Hanover County1971Lee, Enoch Lawrence
On the Midnight Tide1957Tracy, Donald Fiske
On a Rising Tide20061420878492Triebe, Richard H.
Pelican Island Pharmacy20159781480821590Sleath, Betsy Hess
Phantom of the Blockade19621931177163Meader, Stephen Warren
Redcoats on the Cape Fear: The Revolutionary War in Southeastern North Carolina20159780786469581Dunkerly, Robert M.
Regulated for Murder20129781470077785Adair, Suzanne
Remember the Rollerdogs20109780615376455Corey, Matthew
Remembering Wilmington20109781596526884Dudley, Wade G.
Riggs Park2005373230338Bache, Ellyn
Sacred Spaces19999780967303703Conser, Jr., Walter H.
Sand Sharks20099780446196116Maron, Margaret B.
Sands of Pride, The20029780786710133Trotter, Jr., William R.
Sea Change1948Worth, Kathryn
Secrets of the Heart20159781612525662Leotta, Joan
See Me20159781455520619Sparks, Nicholas
Sin Creek20111603183043Whitfield, Susan
Son of an Earl, Sold for a Slave1993Weems, David Burnola
Southern Fatality20070312373678Ocean, T. Lynn
Southern Peril20090312383479Ocean, T. Lynn
Southern Poison20080312383460Ocean, T. Lynn
Stamp Act on the Cape Fear, The1901Waddell, Alfred Moore
Stone in the Rain, The1946MacDuffie, Laurette
Strength through Struggle19989780967041001Reaves, William M.
Tales of the Cape Fear Blockade1960Sprunt, James
Telltale Turtle, The20089780738712260Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Temple of Our Fathers20049780976159407Block, Susan Taylor
Time for Love, A19999780803493537Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
To Forge a Thunderbolt: Fort Anderson and the Battle for Wilmington20159780983417507Fonvielle, Jr., Chris
Traitor or Loyalist, or, The Man Who Found His Country1904Webster, Henry Kitchell
Tree Huggers20089781934135235Nichols, Judy
Tropical Depression20139780615870151Russell, Anne
We Have Taken a City19849780838631898Prather, Sr., Henry Leon
What Lies Buried: A Novel of Old Cape Fear20059781590131169Lambdin, Dewey W.
What Locals Know About Wilmington and Its Beaches: A Complete Guide19939780963596758Bache, Ellyn
When Whites Riot20019780299173944McKoy, Sheila Smith
Wilmington20079780738525037Block, Susan Taylor
Wilmington Through the Lens of Louis T. Moore20019780967041018Block, Susan Taylor
Wilmington, North Carolina20009780738506395Hutteman, Ann Hewlett
Wilmington, North Carolina, to 186120039780786414277Watson, Alan Douglas
Wilmington: Lost But Not Forgotten20059780972324038Tetterton, Beverly
Wilmington: A Pictorial History19819780898650556Russell, Anne
Wilmington's Lie: The Murderous Coup of 1898 and the Rise of White Supremacy20209780802128386Zucchino, David
Worth Any Price20069781424310197DeGroot, Jacqueline
Wrights of Wilmington, The1992Block, Susan Taylor
Wrightsville Beach20079780738525044Block, Susan Taylor
Wrightsville Beach: The Luminous Island20079780895873477McAllister, Ray