Literature in County: Mecklenburg

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Absolution20079780976096399Herin, Miriam
Ada Decades, The20179781612940854Martinac, Paula
An Independent Profession20129780983893615Covington, Jr., Howard E.;
Ellis, Marion Arthur
Angel Doll, The19969781878086549Bledsoe, Jerry
Anna Papers, The19880316313165Gilchrist, Ellen
Architectural Analysis Dilworth: Charlotte's Initial Streetcar Suburb: Proposed Dilworth Historic District, Charlotte, N.C.1978Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
Aunt Ellie Turns Sleuth20079780595476329Clarke, Liz
Auto Racing in Charlotte and the Carolina Piedmont20039780738515151Singer, Marc P.;
Summer, Ryan L.
Back in Black20159781460943038Hartness, John G.
Banktown20109780895873811Rothacker, Rick
Bare Bones20039780743453004Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Baroque and Desperate19999780380802258Myers, Tamar
Becoming Truly Free19859780961460303Gaillard, Frye;
Maschal, Richard;
Williams, Ed
Best Easy Day Hikes, Charlotte20109780762755202Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Best Hikes Near Charlotte20129780762771486Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Billy Graham Story, The20039780310251262Pollock, John Charles
Bird in the House, A19919780962869204Kratt, Mary Norton
Bittersweet Legacy19949780807849569Greenwood, Janette Thomas
Black Hood, The1924Dixon, Jr., Thomas W.
Black Magic Woman20119781844165414Hartness, John G.
Bones Never Lie20149780345544018Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Bones of the Lost20139781439102459Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Bones to Ashes20079781416525653Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Breathe Again20199780800735548Hardy, Niki
Bread Upon the Water20129780977962853Klingel, Deanna K.
Break No Bones20069780743453035Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Broken Bondage, A1911Brown, Nancy Keen
By a Dream Possessed19979780965809276Ellis, Marion Arthur
Call It Freedom1937Sims, Marian
Cane Mutiny, The20060060535199Myers, Tamar
Cautious Heart20089781585713011Hodges, Cheris F.
Central Piedmont Community College19959780964497603Timblin, Carol Lowe
Chains of Error, and the Mecklenburg Declarations of Independence1960McNitt, Virgil V.
Charlotte20069780738542287Schick, Don
Charlotte and the Carolina Piedmont20039780738515809Hanchett, Thomas W.;
Sumner, Ryan L.
Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Police20109780738566719Sumner, Ryan L.
Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Today1967Blythe, William LeGette
Charlotte and the State of North Carolina: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know20119781439600979Jerome, Kate Boehm
Charlotte in Picture and Prose: An Historical and Descriptive Sketch of Charlotte, North Carolina19069781176072473Alexander, Julia McGehee
Charlotte Observer: Its Time and Place 1869-1986, The19860807817120Claiborne, Jack
Charlotte, City at the Crossroads19899780897813150Quirk, Bea
Charlotte, NC: The Global Evolution of a New South City20109780820335612Graves, William
Charlotte, North Carolina20019780738513751Drain, Grace Hoey;
Ely, Vermelle Diamond;
Rogers, Amy T.
Charlotte, North Carolina: A Brief History20099781596296015Kratt, Mary Norton
Charlotte: Its Historic Neighborhoods19969780752405155Rogers, Amy T.;
Rogers, John Reynolds
Charlotte: Patterns & Trends of a Dynamic City1988Clay, James W.;
Stuart, Alfred W.
Charlotte: Spirit of the New South19929780895870957Kratt, Mary Norton
Charlotte's Historic Neighborhoods20069780738543079Rogers, Amy T.;
Rogers, John Reynolds
Chestnut Mare, Beware19969780449909980Jaffe, Jody
Civil War Charlotte: Last Capital of the Confederacy20129781609494803Hardy, Michael C.
Collection of Verse on the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, A1950Davidson, Chalmers Gaston
Color and Character: West Charlotte High and the American Struggle over Educational Equality20179781469636078Grundy, Pamela
Confederate States navy yard at Charlotte, N.C., 1862-1865, The19149781149901779Alexander, Violet G.
Corpse for Yew, A20099780425228104Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Country Cured19919780452267060Bledsoe, Jerry
Cradle of Liberty1955Henderson, Archibald
Cross Bones20059780743453028Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Cuttings19999780440225539Grant, Anne Underwood
Dancing in the Lowcountry20089780758228475Villas, James
Davidson College Library Handbook1948Davidson, Chalmers Gaston
Deadly Decisions20009780671028367Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Dean W. Colvard20059780945344056Ellis, Marion Arthur
Death du Jour19999780671011376Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Death of a Rug Lord20089780060846596Myers, Tamar
Deep South19689780820317168Caldwell, Erskine
Deja Dead19979780671011369Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Dethronement of Reason1998Capel, Frank Winfred
Devil Bones20089781416525660Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Devil of a Whipping: The Battle of Cowpens, A20009780807849262Babits, Lawrence Edward
Double Dead20079781594145872Hoover, Terry
Dream Long Deferred, The19880807817945Gaillard, Frye
Dry Grass of August, The20119780758254092Mayhew, Anna Jean
Early Leaving20049780060594589Goldman, Judy Ann
Economics at Davidson1987Ratliff, Charles Edward
Eleven Charlotte Poets1971Grey, Robert Waters
Estate of Mind19999780380802272Myers, Tamar
Everybody's Gotta Eat20099781599481852Winchester, Kevin
Exit Wounds20049780972503143Land, Dixie
Fatal Voyage20019780671028374Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Firefighting in Charlotte20079780738552606Royall, Shawn
First American Declaration of Independence?, The20149780786475599Syfert, Scott
First in Freedom1975Blythe, William LeGette
Five Star Fraud20109780557186044Cahill, Margaret G.
Flash and Bones20119781439102411Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Flash of Red, A19969780399141560Harvey, Clay
Food Lovers' Guide to Charlotte20129780762781102Crosland, Sarah
Forever Man, A20129781938686269Flinn, Mary
Four Sink Sisters1994Sink, Margaret Jewell
Friend of the Firm20089780981831909Richter, Frances
Fruit of the Poisoned Tree20069780425209677Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Generations of Davidson College, The1955Davidson, Chalmers Gaston
Ghost Stories of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County20039781878177148Williams, Stephanie Burt
Gift of Angels, A19999781878086808Bledsoe, Jerry
Gilt by Association19969780380782376Myers, Tamar
Glass is Always Greener, The20119780060846619Myers, Tamar
Good Man, A20139780758277220Murray, John Jeffrey
Grave Secrets20029780671028381Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Great, Public Compassion, A2002Shinn, Jerry
Hard Day’s Knight20159781611941678Hartness, John G.
Head Game20069781595540232Downs, Tim
Heist!20029780895872524Diamant, Jeff
Hezekiah Alexander Homesite & Related History of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, The2003McCullough, Gary L.
Historic Charlotte: An Illustrated History of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County20019781893619203Morrill, Dan L.
Historic Photos of Charlotte20069781596522824Sumner, Ryan L.
Historical Sketch of Queens-Chicora College, Charlotte, N.C.1934Frazer, William Henry
Hockey in Charlotte20069780738542300Kelly, Patrick J.;
Mancuso, Jim
Hooked Up20089780738711102Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Hornet's Nest1961Blythe, William LeGette
Hornet's Nest19969780399142284Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
Hornet's Nest, The1968Blythe, William LeGette
Hornets Nest: A Story of Love and War, The1892Roe, Edward Payson
Horse of a Different Killer19969780804114721Jaffe, Jody
I Cannot Get You Close Enough19909780316313131Gilchrist, Ellen
Imaginative Spirit, The19880962059706Kratt, Mary Norton
In Colt Blood19989780449000847Jaffe, Jody
In the Still of the Knight20159781611946536Hartness, John G.
In Words & Pictures1999Capel, Frank Winfred
Insiders' Guide to Charlotte, The19879780912367163Quirk, Bea;
Timblin, Carol Lowe
Jack Claiborne's Charlotte19749780914998037Claiborne, Jack
Jobless Recovery20059781595261571Evans, L. C.
June Bug on a String20119781886057470Conley, Eddie
Katrine1909Lane, Elinor Macartney
Kids These Days20149781616201715Perry, Drew
Kit Brandon1936Anderson, Sherwood
Knight (un)Life20169781611942071Hartness, John G.
Knight Moves20159781611942071Hartness, John G.
Larceny and Old Lace19969780380782390Myers, Tamar
Law Enforcement in Mecklenburg and Charlotte1949Cochrane, William McWhorter
Legacy: The Myers Park Story19869780318221922Hanchett, Thomas W.;
Kratt, Mary Norton
Liberty Boys and Major Davie, The1922Moore, Harry
Life High the Cross1995Ellis, Marion Arthur
Life in Antebellum Charlotte: The Private Journal of Sarah F. Davidson, 1837, A20059781596290884Davidson, Sarah Frew;
Williams, Ann
Listen!20069780060579371Tolan, Stephanie S.
Little Charlotte Scrapbook, A1990Kratt, Mary Norton
Long Night Moon, The20099781935517009Towles, Elizabeth
Lookaway, Lookaway20139781250020833Barnhardt, Wilton
Lost Tribes of North Carolina. Part III: the Mecklenburg Signers and Their Neighbors, The1946Ray, Worth Stickley
Love in Mid Air20109780446540438Wiley, Kim Wright
Love Valley20109781453695661Richter, Frances
Man in Black20169781611947274Hartness, John G.
Man Without A Friend, ADabbs, Ethel Thomas
Manse Dwellers1927Little, Luther
Meaning of Birds, The20199780062824448Brown, Jaye Robin
Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, The1836Hawks, Francis Lister
Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence as Mentioned in Records of Wachovia, The1907Fries, Adelaide Lisetta
Mecklenburg in the Revolution, 1740-17831931Groome, Bailey Troy
Mecklenburg Presbytery, A History1962Brockmann, Charles Raven
Meet, The1972Reddy, Thomas James
Mills Home: A History Of The Baptist Orphanage Movement In North Carolina, The19329781258619527Spilman, Bernard Washington
Ming and I, The19979780380792559Myers, Tamar
Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break, The20009780895871978Sherrill, Steven
Mint Hill20059780738518152The Mint Hill Historical Society,
Miss Bonnie's Nurses:The First Fifty Years of Nursing at UNC Charlotte20189781469647623Haney, Dona Harton;
Newman, Ann Mabe
Monday Mourning20049780743453011Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Monet Talks20050060535172Myers, Tamar
Money Rock: A Family’s Story of Cocaine, Race, and Ambition in the New South20189781620973271Kelley, Pamela Sue
Motherless Child20149780765337450Hirshberg, Glen
Movie Knight2011Hartness, John G.
Multiple Listing19989780440225515Grant, Anne Underwood
New South Women20010895872501Kratt, Mary Norton
Nightmare in Shining Armor2001038081191XMyers, Tamar
No Hiding Place19999781878086693Gaillard, Frye;
Inman, Robert Frederick;
Rogers, Amy T.
No One Gardens Alone20040807085634Wilson, Emily Herring
North Carolina's Finest Town1899Abbott, Frederick C.
North Carolina Pottery20049780807855744Perry, Barbara Stone
Number Thirty-Six1933Johnson, Gerald White
Of Pleasures & Power20071424328225Claiborne, Jack
One Town, Many Voices2012Blodgett, Jan;
Levering, Ralph Brooks
Outsider Art of Meredith Joy Merritt, The20149780692241318Beagle, Donald Robert
Paint it Black20159781611943566Hartness, John G.
Peanut Butter Mascot1953Olds, Helen Diehl
Penny Urned, A20009780380811892Myers, Tamar
Perfect Poison20089780425221273Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Piedmont Partisan1951Davidson, Chalmers Gaston
Plantation World Around Davidson, The1969Davidson, Chalmers Gaston
Plaza-Midwood Neighborhood of Charlotte20049780738517018Byers, Jeff
Poison Ivory20090060846607Myers, Tamar
Poisoned Petals20079780425215814Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Pretty Poison20059780425202999Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Public Purchasing in Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte1949Allen, L. W.;
Hayman, Donald Bales
Queen of Hearts, The20189780399585890Martin, Kimmery Dawn
Ralph Fabian's Mistakes1908Dickson, Sallie O'Hear
Reading, Writing & Race19959780807845295Douglas, Davison McDowell
Recent History of Thomasville, North Carolina, 1952-1991, A1991Capel, Frank Winfred
Remembering Charlotte20009780807848715Boyer, Mary Manning;
Kratt, Mary Norton
Riff of Love: Notes on Community and Belonging, A20189781532633270Jarrell, Greg
Scaffold20079781424147335Walker, Doug
Scratch Golfer20080970874677Thompson, Willie
Seasons of Charlotte20009781581920239Quirk, Bea
Seek the Living20059780618711987Warlick, Ashley
Shout Freedom!1948Blythe, William LeGette
Six Figures2000015601064XLeebron, Fred
Slow Way Back, The19999780688165987Goldman, Judy Ann
Smoke Screen19989780440225522Grant, Anne Underwood
So Faux, So Good19980380792540Myers, Tamar
Soil Survey of Mecklenburg County1912Brinkley, Lon Leland;
Hearn, Williamson Edward
Sorting out the New South City1998978080784673Hanchett, Thomas W.
Sorting Out the New South City, Second Edition: Race, Class, and Urban Development in Charlotte, 1875–197520209781469656441Hanchett, Thomas W.
Speaking in Bones20159780345544049Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Spider Bones20109781439112793Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Splendor in the Glass20020380819643Myers, Tamar
Starcarbon19940316313270Gilchrist, Ellen
Statue of Limitations20040060535148Myers, Tamar
Storm Before Daybreak1946Sims, Marian
Story of the Carolina Panthers, The20099781583417492Goodman, Michael E.
Suitcases, The19829780966851007Whitt Thompson, Anne Hall
Summer After June20019780618127306Warlick, Ashley
Thirsty20099780981854540Sanders, Mike
Thirsty II20119780982841471Sanders, Mike
Through the Garden Gate19909780807845196Lawrence, Elizabeth L.
Thunder Over Carolina1976Blythe, William LeGette
Tiles and Tribulation20039780380819652Myers, Tamar
Time to Say Goodbye20069781852424688MacEnulty, Pat
Tomorrow's Bread20199780758254108Mayhew, Anna Jean
Town By Any Other Name, A20059780970465160Rindoks, Leslie B.
Traitor: A Story of the Fall of the Invisible Empire, The1907Dixon, Jr., Thomas W.
Twenty-four Years' Growth in Charlotte Real Estate1921Abbott, Frederick C.
Two by Two20169781455520695Sparks, Nicholas
Two Gardeners20029780807085592Wilson, Emily Herring
Uncommon Bond of Julia and Rose, The20159780996930307Williams, Ann
Unexpected Waltz, The20149781476754239Wiley, Kim Wright
Voice in the Wilderness1955Blythe, William LeGette
Voices in the Attic: A Collection of Writing from Creative Loafing19979781878086648Gaillard, Frye
Waking from the Dream19969780385478229Fulwood III, Samuel Levi
Way We See It, The19959781878086464Gaillard, Frye
Week in Robert's World, A19699780027774306Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
Wet-Wall Tattoos19939780895872159Maschal, Richard
Wheels of Faith and Courage1952Matthews, Mary Elizabeth Green
When Rain Falls20129781601628220Moody, Tyora
Where the Weak Grow Strong1936Armfield, Eugene Morehead
Whisper My Name1949Davis, Burke
Whisper of Black, A19979780399142321Harvey, Clay
Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions20209781982116293Selingo, Jeffrey
Wicked Charlotte20069781596291607Williams, Stephanie Burt