Literature in County: Hertford

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Ancient Maritime Village of Murfreesborough, 1787-1825, The1969Parramore, Thomas C.
Builders and Architecture of Historic Murfreesboro, North Carolina, The20039780972748001Jones, Alice Eley
Chowan Beach20069781596291645Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Fabled Doctor Jim Jordan, The1963Johnson, Frank Roy
Gatling19939780963767110Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Gatling Gun and Flying Machine of Richard and Henry Gatling19799789994613786Johnson, Frank Roy;
Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Hertford County20039780738515564Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Hertford County, North Carolina20029780738514819Jones, Alice Eley
Historical Sketches of Hertford County1877Moore, John Wheeler
Maritime History of Murfreesboro, North Carolina, 1585-1800, A20049780972748063Jones, Alice Eley
Murfreesboro, North Carolina: 200 Years On The Meherrin River1987Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Murfreesboro, North Carolina and the Founding of the American Republic2001Parramore, Thomas C.
Murfreesboro, North Carolina and the Great Intracoastal Waterway2002Parramore, Thomas C.
Murfreesboro, North Carolina and the Roots of Nat Turner's Revolt2004Parramore, Thomas C.
North Carolina's Last Haul Seine20029780963767196Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Parker's Ferry19959780963767127Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Renaissance in Carolina, 1971-19761971Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Renaissance in Carolina II19739780738516387Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Soil Survey of Hertford County1916McDowell, F. N.;
Vanatta, Earl S.
They Called Us Cornfield Boys1998Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank;
Whitehead, Raymond
Tobacco Market19979780963767172Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Trial Separation1998Parramore, Thomas C.
Truth About Lies, The20139781493149506Boothe, Travis D.
Woodworking Tools of Historic Murfreesboro, North Carolina20069780972748094Jones, Alice Eley