Long Story Short

Short stories in this volume:
The Playhouse, Max Steele
The Roommate, Anthony S. Abbott
Games, Daphne Athas
The Outer Banks, Russell Banks
Stoma, Wilton Barnhardt
The Girl who Wanted to be a Horse, Doris Betts
The End, Will Blythe
Nipple, Wendy Brenner
Aeneas Leaves Kansas, Amy Knox Brown
Hey Brother, Bekah Brunstetter
Very Bad Children, Orson Scott Card
January, Fred Chappell
Where love is, Kelly Cherry
A Way in a Manger, Elizabeth Cox
Small, Quinn Dalton
The True Daughter, Angela Davis-Gardner
Registry, Sarah Dessen
Common Wall, Pamela Duncan
Island, Pam Durban
Contact, Clyde Edgerton
Reverb, Tracie Fellers
Runners, Ben Fountain
Davey Terwilliger, Philip Gerard
The Thing, Marianne Gingher
The Tale Teller, Gail Godwin
God Box, Jim Grimsley
Contempt, Virginia Holman
Where She Sits, Randall Kenan
Downtown, John Kessel
I Dream, Haven Kimmel
My Family, Carrie Knowles
Keening, 1 mile, Telisha Moore Leigg
Hicks and Losers, Peter Makuck
Nero, Michael Malone
In New York, Doug Marlette
Devil's Island, Margaret Maron
Viewmaster, Jill McCorkle
Birds are Entangled by Your Feet and Men by Their Tongue, Philip McFee
Sheridan Drive-In, John McNally
The Escapee, Heather Ross Miller
Walking Bird, Lydia Millet
The Music Lover, Katherine Min
How to Roll, Courtney Jones Mitchell
Ten Words or More, Ruth Moose
The Pounding, Robert Morgan
Tumbleweed, Shelia Moses
Revolutionaries, Lawrence Naumoff
August, Jenny Offill
Line, Elizabeth Oliver
Miniature, Michael Parker
Writers' Handbook of Editorial and Proofreading Marks, Peggy Payne
Now This, Joe Ashby Porter
Life on Mars, Denise Rickman
An Afternoon, No Wind, David Rowell
The Teachers' Lounge, John Rowell
The Conductress, Deborah Seabrooke
The Assistant D.A., Dave Shaw
The Cottage-Mover, Bland Simpson
Sex, Love, Death, Sex, High School, Lee Smith
Cars, June Spence
The Everlasting Light, Elizabeth Spencer
Marriage, Melanie Sumner
Laura, Linda, Sweetie Pie, Daniel Wallace
Mexican Car Wreck, Luke Whisnant
Alphabet Soufflé, Lynn York

Gingher, Marianne

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  • Originally published in 2009
  • ISBN: 9780807859773

Location or Setting: North Carolina