Black America Series: North Carolina

Arcadia Publishing's Black America books series feature historical images and commentary of African American culture that are not traditionally seen in other books. For the purposes of the North Carolina Literary Map, we have chosen to record only the books related to North Carolina.

Charlotte, North Carolina (2001), Rogers, Amy T.
Charlotte, North Carolina (2001), Ely, Vermelle Diamond
Charlotte, North Carolina (2001), Drain, Grace Hoey
Durham's Hayti (1999), Vann, Andre D.
Durham's Hayti (1999), Jones, Beverly Washington
Durham's Lincoln Hospital (2001), Reynolds, Pamela Preston
Fayetteville, North Carolina (2000), Whitted, Fred
Greensboro North Carolina (2003), Hairston, Jr., Otis L.
Hertford County, North Carolina (2002), Jones, Alice Eley
Sedalia and the Palmer Memorial Institute (2004), Vann, Andre D.
Sedalia and the Palmer Memorial Institute (2004), Burns-Vann, Tracey
Vance County, North Carolina (2000), Vann, Andre D.