Dern, Peggy

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    Here are some other books by the author:
    Christmas Hill, Arcadia House, 1946
    Dear Friend, Areadia House, 1948
    Doctor Christopher, Arcadia House, 1949
    Nora Was a Nurse, Arcadia House, 1953
    Oleander Cove, Arcadia House, 1954
    Nurse Ellen, Arcadia House, 1956
    Nurse in the Tropics, Linford, 1957
    Her Day in Court, Arcadia House, 1960
    Love Trap, Curley, 1960
    Florida Nurse, Linford, 1961
    Palm Beach Girl, Arcadia House, 1962
    Nurse with a Dream, Prestige Books, 1963
    A Nurse for Apple Valley, Arcadia, 1964
    Nurse Felicity, Arcadia, 1966
    Nurse's Dilemma, Arcadia, 1966
    The Trusting Heart, J. Curley & Associates, 1974
    Understand, My Love, Ulverscroft, 1992
    County Nurse, Ulverscroft, 1993
    Nurse at Burford's Landing, Ulverscroft, 1993

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