Lehman, Yvonne

Personal Information

  • Born in 1936.

Included Titles By Lehman, Yvonne

Here are some other books by the author:
Red Like Mine, Zondervan, 1970
Dead Men Don't Cry, Zondervan, 1973
Fashions of the Heart, David C. Cook, 1981
Gomer, Guideposts, 1983
In Shady Groves, Chosen, 1983
Smoky Mountain Sunrise, Zondervan, 1984
Taken by Storm, T. Nelson, 1984
More Than a Summer's Love, Zondervan, 1985
Drums of Shelomoh, Heartsong, 1993
Southern Gentleman, Heartsong, 1994
Mountain Man, Heartsong, 1995
Tornado Alley, Bethany House, 1996
A Whole New World , Heartsong, 1996
Hawaiian Heartbeat, Heartsong, 1997
After the Storm, Heartsong, 1998
Call of the Mountain, Heartsong, 1998
Somewhere a Rainbow, Heartsong, 1999
Whiter than Snow, Heartsong, 1999
Catch of a Lifetime, Heartsong, 2000
Secret Ballot, Heartsong, 2000
South Carolina: Four Distinct Novels Set in the Palmetto State, Barbour, 2000
The Stranger's Kiss, Heartsong, 2001
Past the Ps Please, Heartsong, 2002
On a Clear Day, Heartsong, 2003
Moving the Mountain, Heartsong, 2006
Aloha Love, Heartsong, 2009
Love from Ashes, Heartsong, 2009
Picture Bride, Heartsong, 2009
Juvenile Fiction
Mirror of Dreams, Bethany House, 1996
Picture Perfect, Bethany House, 1996
Secret storm, Bethany House, 1996
A Fighting Chance, Bethany House, 1997
Swept Away, Bethany House, 1998

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Resided in:
Mountains (Region)