Marshall, Sarah Catherine Wood

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Catherine Marshall
  • Born in 1914.
  • Died in 1983.

Included Titles By Marshall, Sarah Catherine Wood

Here are some other books by the author:
A Man Called Peter: The Story of Peter Marshall, McGraw, 1951
God Loves You, McGraw, 1953
To Live Again , McGraw, 1957
Beyond Our Selves, McGraw, 1961
Something More, McGraw, 1974
Adventures in Prayer, Chosen Books, 1975
The Helper, Chosen Books, 1978
My Personal Prayer Diary, Chosen Books, 1979
Meeting God at Every Turn: A Personal Family Story, Chosen Books, 1980
Catherine Marshall's Story Bible, Chosen Books, 1982
A Closer Walk , Chosen Books, 1986
Light in My Darkest Night, Chosen Books, 1989
The Inspirational Writings of Catherine Marshall, Inspirational Press, 1990
Footprints in the Snow: More Stories about God's Mysterious Ways, Dimensions for Living, 1992
The Best of Catherine Marshall, Chosen Books, 1993
Quiet Times with Catherine Marshall, Chosen Books, 1996
The Collected Works of Catherine Marshall, Inspirational Press, 1997
Dearest Mother, Dearest Friend: Inspiration from the Journals and Letters of Catherine Marshall, J. Countryman, 2001
Warm Wisdom: Insight and Inspiration, J. Countryman, 2002
Thornbird Country, Warner, 1983
Julie, McGraw, 1984
Unlocked Dreams, Thomas Nelson, 1994
Juvenile Fiction
Catherine Marshall's Storybook for Children, Chosen Books, 1987

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