Burton, Mary T.

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    Included Titles By Burton, Mary T.

    Here are some other books by the author:
    Romance Fiction
    A Bride for McCain, Harlequin, 2000
    The Colorado Bride, Harlequin, 2001
    The Perfect Wife, Harlequin, 2002
    Rafferty’s Bride, Harlequin, 2002
    The Lightkeeper’s Woman, Harlequin, 2004
    The Unexpected Wife, Harlequin, 2004
    The Tracker, Harlequin, 2005
    In Dark Waters, Silhouette, 2005
    The Arsonist, Silhouette, 2006
    Wise Moves, Silhouette, 2006
    I’m Watching You, Zebra, 2007
    Cold Case Cop, Harlequin, 2008
    Dead Ringer, Zebra, 2008
    Dying Scream, Zebra, 2009
    Senseless, Zebra, 2011
    Merciless, Zebra, 2011
    Before She Dies, Zebra, 2012
    The Seventh Victim, Zebra, 2013
    No Escape, 2013

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    Resided in:
    North Carolina (State)